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  1. I react almost immediately. It usually starts with my mouth burning and I have to drink lots of liquids with the food, then I have trouble breathing and my five senses go wonky. My stomach starts bloating after a few minutes but it usually take a few hours for D to set in. I have a lot of symptoms that last for over a week when I get glutened and I'm really sensitive, trace amounts get me never mind a crumb...
  2. Huh, I never knew that but I'm horribly addicted to chocolate so any excuse not to eat it is good, lol. If I feel like eating one I'll e-mail the company to be sure though. I don't want to get glutened...
  3. I don't know why companies do that either and I find it really annoying. I've read a label for Reese's peanut butter cups and it didn't have a warning but when I read a package for the mini reese's peanut butter cups there was a warning that it could contain wheat. So now I don't eat any Reese's. Maybe they don't have enough space on smaller packages...
  4. Huh, I live in Canada and on the packages of the individuals it says "may contain/come in contact with wheat". So I've avoided all Magnum products... Now I want to go back and double check but I'm not sure if I'd eat them if it didn't say that. I'd email the company to be sure though.
  5. My diabetes clinic usually does liver function/thyroid function tests every year. I can't remember if it was this year or last but I had my thyroid tested and it came back normal. Although I have heard of people with thyroid problems and they're blood work comes back normal. I'm supposed to see my doctor this week so I'll ask them about testing my thyroid again. My breathing problem did get better when I was eating less gluten but I was never fully off it because of cc. I was using the same toaster, butter, wooden spoons,ect. I dunno... I hope it'll get better when I'm completely off gluten. I just remembered I had pneumonia a few months before the breathing problem started and I know I was reacting to gluten before I had pneumonia, is it possibly my lungs were weakened and the gluten caused the breathing problem?
  6. I just found out recently how badly I react to gluten when I went on a 3 day gluten challenge. It really surprised me because a year a go I was really sick and I didn't think it was related to gluten but apparently it was. A lot of symptoms crept up on me and I didn't even notice they were there until I went back on gluten for a few days. I know it's hard being gluten free because I'm a serious junk food addict and there were times I'd crave and just eat gluten. So not happening now that I know how sick I get (If you want to know my symptoms just ask). When you're eating out and your not sure if they have gluten free bring your own snack. Make it something really good so you enjoy it and if anyone asks? Just tell them you are a celiac and can't eat gluten because you will get really sick and damage your body. Try to eat at resturants that have gluten free menus or can adapt they're current menu. If your husband is giving you trouble explain to him how bad gluten is for you. Or you can get your doctor to talk to him as well.
  7. I go to a teaching clinic and I rarely see my doctor, it's mostly residents. I've decided against the gluten challenge though. It's my third day (in a row, I had gluten a few days before actually starting the challenge) eating gluten and I feel awful. I don't think I can last a month. I'm getting symptoms that I had before I went gluten-free but I didn't think they were related to eating gluten. The worst is the dizziness and my whole body feels like it's in constant motion or tingly. I'm definatly asking if she can do another test. It's reassuring that gluten can cause breathing problems. I know my breathing problem isn't asthma but my symptoms are similar. The only way to see if it is related to eating gluten is to get rid of all gluten in my diet. I'll have to buy condiments that are only for me. I really hope my breathing difficulties are from eating gluten.
  8. I've known I have at least been gluten intolerant for a year and I am also a type 1 diabetic for 11 years. I can't remember how I heard of celiac disease but about a year ago I was doing a little research on it and when I went to my diabetes clinic a nurse suggested I could have it based on my symptoms (migranes, bloating, gas, diarrhea/constipation) and she said that diabetics are at a higher risk of becoming one. Since then I almost eliminated gluten from my diet but I cheat from time to time... I went to see my regular doctor a few days ago to check for vitamin deficiencies and things. I told her I was gluten intolerant and she suggested I do the gluten challenge for a month to see if I am a celiac. I'm going to start eating gluten again and get tested because if I am formally diagnosed with celiac disease I'll be less likely to cheat on a gluten-free diet. I also really want to know if I am a celiac. I have an undiagnosed breathing problem and I'm wondering if it's connected to my gluten intolerance or celiac. I've had several lung function tests and they all come back normal. I've had trouble breathing for about two years and it got better when I stopped eating gluten but I've cheating on the gluten-free diet so I still can't breathe "normally". Since I started the gluten challenge a couple days ago my breathing has gotten worse. I can still walk short distances and talk okay. It's almost as if my stomach is so bloated it's pushing on my lungs and they can't expand properly. I don't think it's anemia but I'll know for sure when I get my test results back for vitamin deficiencies. Has anyone else had breathing problems related to celiac/gluten intolerance?
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