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  1. wow, such different responses. i'm not putting my baby through three months of this, though. (or my five year old, b/c i feel about a million times worse now than i did BEFORE i even went off gluten and i'm not exactly a fun, awesome parent in my current state.) i'd rather just go off gluten w/o answers than do this for three months.
  2. hi, this is my first post, but i've been reading for a bit. looks like a great community. i have only been off gluten for about a month, and i wasn't super careful about cross-contamination; i continued to eat oats and bake bread for my family, etc. now i want to do the blood panel (i understand it's not totally conclusive and i also understand why many people don't bother testing), and i'm wondering how long i need to be back on gluten before the blood test. i looked through the other thread on this question, but that person had been off gluten for like a year. i'm thinking since i wasn't super seriously off gluten for very long, it shouldn't matter too much? i've been very sick for about ten years prior. i feel awful back on the gluten and could stick it out, but after one day back on gluten, my breastfed baby had an insane diaper rash, and i don't want to put him through more than a week of gluten, if it's affecting him too. thanks!
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