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  1. Thanks for the insight everyone! I am feeling better today (a good change from yesterday, when I felt completely life-less and was an emotional wreck!) I've cut everything out except for: meat, vegetables, fruit, and gluten-free brown rice bread. I feel a lot better and I haven't experienced any of this burning today!! I think I will try almond milk, chocolate (which has soy in it), and corn on different days later this week and see if any of them are causing it. I have a suspicion that it's soy because so many people have a problem with it.
  2. Hi, When I accidentally eat gluten, which just happened yesterday, I get a whole variety of symptoms that start happening the day of and continue almost a week, such as the bloating, cramps, brain fog, anxiety, general misery, etc! The symptom I can't figure out is what I call the "burning sensation" that I can feel in my intestines that starts the 2nd day and goes on and on....but is now starting to be present at other random times! Even when I'm pretty sure I haven't had any gluten! Originally, it was dairy that gave me this symptom. After I went gluten free last year and was still e
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