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    Thyroid Test Coming Up

    Thanks guys! My mom thinks the dr will know what to test for but I knew to check here first! Okay, so I should ask for a full thyroid panel, hashimoto's, grave's, vit D, vit B12, and possibly a general metabolic test and electrolytes. To answer some of your questions... I've heard that soy is bad for the thyroid. I've only eliminated soy once because I thought it might be causing me gluten like problems but it didn't. I probably only have it in chocolate and occasionally soy ice-cream (I can't handle dairy). The vitamins I take are usually a multi, fish oil, vit C, vit D and/or vit B12. I can't admit that I take these consistently though (daily). I didn't want to drag my first post out with all my symptoms, but I will mention them now and why I feel like they could go with hypo or hyper. My recent increased exhaustion has lead me to believe I may be suffering from hypo symptoms because my sister-in-law had the same thing before she was diagnosed with this (she developed this after being pregnant). I also can't lose weight, no matter what I do. This doesn't make sense to me because I've been eating a much healthier, well-rounded diet, than say my friends, and can even be working almost every day of the week. They can eat whatever they want and still lose weight. I gain a few pounds now and then, but it is terribly hard for me to lose any weight. I don't now if this is just in my head but I can't seem to tolerate any cold or hot temperatures. It makes me crazy. Inside, I get cold so easily even though it's unbearably hot outside right now. Then, as soon as I step outside, I feel like I'm going to die from the heat! So, you know that I am exhausted all the time, but my second biggest symptom (that falls under hyper) is anxiety/panic attacks. I'm not depressed at all. No, I get panic attacks. Have had them come and go for years. I was hoping they would somehow go away with the gluten free diet, but no such luck! My exhaustion causes these attacks to flare up. Honestly, I can hardly function doing normal everyday tasks sometimes. It usually peaks with me feeling like I'm going to either faint or go into a seizure. It actually started getting in the way of my education last semester. I had one during a final and it was all I could do to keep myself from tearing out of the room! I thought I was going to faint when I turned in my test. It was mortifying. The panic had caused me to skip answering a ton of test questions that I didn't even realize that I had missed! My professor was ticked. She treated me like I was a complete idiot. (I'm an A student with a high GPA, btw.) Anyway, I also have the trembling hands, heart racing, etc. all of which I think come from the panic attacks. My immune system is also shot. I've been sick every month (sinus infections, colds) for the last 4-6 months! I didn't used to get sick like this. Recently, my symptoms have been building on each other. I feel like I live on a see-saw of emotions. I want an answer to why my body is acting this way. I know this is not normal!
  2. Hi everyone, I know a lot of you are dealing with thyroid issues so I am calling on your advice: I'm going to have my blood tested very soon to check my thyroid. Quick history: Self diagnosed gluten intolerant or Celiac a yr ago. After going gluten free, I felt much better, even normal again. Now, I feel like something is "off" again, like I did before the diet change. My biggest problem is that I am EXHAUSTED all the time. I feel like I live in a state of exhaustion and I'm only in my 20's! Sometimes it is so bad that I would stay at home 24/7 if I could! I seem to have symptoms consistent with anemia or hypothyroidism. I don't feel like I could be anemic though because I eat a well rounded diet (also take supplements and probiotic). Anyway, I want my energy and my life back!! (I hate feeling like I'm the "party pooper" everywhere I go!) Friends have agreed with me that it sounds like my thyroid and my mom made an appt for me at my general pract. dr. They can take my blood right there at my dr's office. What I want to know is what tests should I ask for/make sure they do? Please explain to me what these tests are and what they mean in simple terms I can understand! Haha! I have things like TSH and T4 bouncing around in my head and none of it makes any sense! Everything I'm finding on the internet is just confusing me. And could someone please explain to me how it is possible to have both hashimoto's and graves disease at the same time when they are opposite (am I right?) of each other (causing hypo and hyper- thyroid problems)?? The reason why I ask this is that I seem to have some symptoms consistent with hypo and some with hyper as well. I almost want them to find something in the test results because I want an answer for why this is happening to me! It could end up being one big false alarm, but I figure I'm better safe than sorry! Thanks!
  3. I don't know how many times I've dealt with similar issues in the past year of going gluten free. No matter how many times I've explained to people what Celiac and gluten intolerance (and wheat allergy) are, people just can't seem to wrap their minds around it! Even my own mom doesn't quite get it yet, even though I've shared everything I've learned with her. I've had my aunt, who was inspired to go gluten free by my example, insist that she can have spelt flour because it "doesn't bother her" and "it's a distant cousin of wheat"...and supposedly some lady wrote in a book that it's okay for most gluten intolerant people! This same aunt also does not have her own dedicated toaster or condiments. I love her to death, but sadly, she lets her daughter do all the research instead of doing it herself. What is also frustrating is my own sister's attitude. She has been showing many symptoms of a gluten intolerance or Celiac for a long time, but refuses to change her diet. Every time she makes something like cookies, she gets sick. Her stomach is super sensitive like mine. We're both lactose, dairy intolerant. Yet, she thinks she's fine because she "eats a lot of bread". I don't think she knows how miserable she really is.
  4. gfreecollegegirl

    Irritated With My Family!

    I've dealt with this as well! Most of the time, I don't have a problem sharing my treats with my family but sometimes I hide or mark certain foods and warn them that these foods are MINE and NOT theirs! For example, I marked all my condiments with bright round stickers that say "gluten free" and with "(my name) only!" and they are all on my own shelf at the bottom of the refrigerator. Although, all of this still did not stop my dad from using some of my strwaberry preserves one time. I let him know that it was totally unacceptable though and he won't be doing it again! haha! It never hurts to remind your family of what they can't touch, even if they are tired of hearing it!
  5. gfreecollegegirl

    Burning Sensation

    Thanks for the insight everyone! I am feeling better today (a good change from yesterday, when I felt completely life-less and was an emotional wreck!) I've cut everything out except for: meat, vegetables, fruit, and gluten-free brown rice bread. I feel a lot better and I haven't experienced any of this burning today!! I think I will try almond milk, chocolate (which has soy in it), and corn on different days later this week and see if any of them are causing it. I have a suspicion that it's soy because so many people have a problem with it.
  6. gfreecollegegirl

    Burning Sensation

    Hi, When I accidentally eat gluten, which just happened yesterday, I get a whole variety of symptoms that start happening the day of and continue almost a week, such as the bloating, cramps, brain fog, anxiety, general misery, etc! The symptom I can't figure out is what I call the "burning sensation" that I can feel in my intestines that starts the 2nd day and goes on and on....but is now starting to be present at other random times! Even when I'm pretty sure I haven't had any gluten! Originally, it was dairy that gave me this symptom. After I went gluten free last year and was still eating dairy, I was in agony from this "burning." (On a side note, after I went gluten-free my lactose intolerance really kicked up a notch and I've lost my ability to stomach any dairy.) Thus, I am also dairy-free now. What perplexes me is that the burning sensation is back and not just when I've been glutened (but not as bad as it was when I still drank cow's milk & ate yogurt). I have this feeling that it's from the almond milk I drink. (I do not have any nut allergies tho.) Anyhow, I drink a lot of it now. So, I'm wondering if any of you have experienced this and if it could be soy? Corn? MSG? Something else? I'm sure I don't have a problem with all grains because I could eat rice all day and be fine. Any advice would be appreciated!