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  1. My sclap problems are only at the back hairline. Blisters and oatmeal flakes also. I am finally pretty clear, started gluten-free in March. I think it takes some time to get your diet under control. Currently, it only takes a small amount of Gluten to set me off.
  2. Me too!!! Mom past away with ovarian cancer. Had DH for 25 yrs. cheated all the time. I beleive that the two were related. She did not have the options that we have today. She was never test for Celiac, I do not think the doctors had a clue. Took me 3 years to determine that my rashes were...
  3. So your family members are all DH? I have tried to get y sisters to test, but to no avail. Thanks for you help, I think that I have Lamasil at home.
  4. Can you tell us what the OTC cream is that you use for you hands? Both of my middle fingersand ears have been giving me trouble for several months. I am putting Aquaphor on the spots 6-10 times a day, relives the pain and itch but it is not healing. My skin is so dry after an outbreak. The itching...