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  1. just wanted to give an update to this thread. in the months since i posted i had a work injury that lead to MRI's that discovered...multiple sclerosis. so my chiro was definitely on to something. it wasn't gluten ataxia, BUT it is an autoimmune disease that has been linked to gluten. i was shocked beyond belief to be diagnosed with MS. months later, i still am! i never saw it coming. never felt "sick enough" to worry. sigh. anyhow, if you have a gluten sensitivity and are having some balance problems or other mild neuro signs, it might be wise to check into MS as a possible diagnosis. early dx
  2. thanks everyone for your replies. the chiro has offered me a blood test that i will ask him about today. i forget the name of the panel but it is apparently 95% accurate in picking up a gluten sensitivity. i can ask my doc for celiac panels too and see if he will go for them. i have never had any real digestive complaints. in fact, i always joke that i have the stomach of steel because it is seriously impervious to everything. but i know that in this regard i can still have it yet be asymptomatic. thanks for all of your info. this is scary stuff for sure that has probably gone unnoticed becaus
  3. hi, i am new to this forum and new to gluten-free diets, celiac disease, and etc. last week, my chiropracter (who has a specialty in chiropractic neurology) dropped a bombshell on me when he casually mentioned that he thought i could have gluten ataxia. he suggested some bloodwork that was not covered by insurance and costs $125 for the panel. he is basing this on the fact that after 9 solid weeks of chiropractic and physical therapy i still cannot balance during the romberg test. he typically gives me the tandem romberg along with other neuro screenings. i don't think i have ever passed. a
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