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  1. Oy -- that's a lot of gluten! I have been on the diet for about 6 months, but have slipped or cheated a number of times, accidents and otherwise. And paid the price for it! So ... pizza for dinner, I guess. Ugh.
  2. I finally convinced my doctor to order a round of blood tests to figure out what is wrong with my crappy immune system (which I believe is due to celiac or gluten sensitivity). The tests include a celiac screening panel. I'm sick now so I have to wait until I'm better to do the tests. It's up to me when to go in, I am thinking two weeks or so. Right now I am eating a aGF diet. Should I eat gluten in the meantime, much as it might hurt? I read somewhere that if you're on a gluten-free diet, the test could be a false negative...?
  3. I am in the same boat in Ontario. Seems no doctors take celiac or gluten sensitivity seriously. Like our symptoms are fake or something. My doctor said "I'm not going to test you ... just try the diet and see if it helps." Well, that's great, but I kind of wanted an answer. And now my son is showing symptoms IMO. :/ I am considering hitting Toronto WholeFoods and doing the cooler idea, too! Our selection is limited (we're about 2 hours outside Toronto).
  4. I never thought of the school staff -- good point, thanks! I think I will get my doctor to do the test. If I push, she may give in. Hopefully. Why are doctors so hesitant to suspect celiac, anyway?
  5. Thank you very much for responding. I think I need to use my imagination a bit more with this diet, and maybe practice with the baking. I will check the forum for sure.
  6. Hi there, I'm self-diagnosed gluten-sensitive, possibly celiac but have not been tested. I've been on the gluten-free diet for 6 months, but have slipped up many times. Usually it's lack of knowledge (took me a while to figure out soy sauce, for example) but once in a while -- as happened last week -- I just got sick of eating gluten-free and wanted the taste of bread or pizza or something. (I think not being DXed lets some weird inner voice say "it's ok, you can eat it, you're not DXed celiac, after all"). At first I could handle it, but the last two times I've gotten quite sick. Flu-like symptoms plus bloating, D, and cramps. I've been in bed two days now this time around. I think my sensitivity is getting worse? Is that possible? I'm finding it just difficult to stay gluten-free. Eating out is next to impossible. So, so tired of rice and pasta. I feel like the only safe things to eat are bland chicken and salad -- I'm a big foodie-type so I can't just see food-as-fuel. I used to be a baker, so it's killing me not to make bread, cookies, muffins, etc. like I used to. I've tried gluten-free breads but they taste like they are made with sawdust. I know this is a lot of complaining, I'm just lost and sad about being on this diet right now. I guess I'm looking for some motivation or BTDT advice. Thanks.
  7. Hi there, I am self-diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, possibly celiac but not sure. My family is trying to move to a gluten-free diet, as my 5 year old son seems to respond well to it, but they do eat gluten products regularly. At my son's last check-up I asked my doctor about my son's stools (sorry if TMI), which are yellow-beige coloured, loose and bulky, and that his stomach distends after some meals (usually with gluten, IMO). She said that since he's not complaining of stomach pain or failing to grow (he's about 45 lbs, tall), it's probably just his system adjusting, and not to worry about it, he can eat either way. Well, now he is complaining about stomach pain. Last week the school called and he was crying due to stomach pain -- this was about 2 hours after having a bagel at breakfast. I notice as well that his behaviour is terrible after eating something with gluten. I want to take him back to the doctor, but I am worried I'm going to get the same answer I got before, and I've read on this forum about some of the unresponsive doctors you all have encountered. I'm also worried they will want him to go back on gluten per "normal" -- and I cannot stand to see him crying due to stomach pain on a regular basis! (we live in Canada outside an urban centre, so the wait for testing I am sure will be long.) Part of me wants the diagnosis, but I don't want to see him in pain. And part of me also is afraid of this. It's one thing to deal with myself. But a childhood (life) of constant dietary vigilance seems like a hardship, to be honest. Would love some advice on what to do, how to cope, etc. Thanks for your time.
  8. I'm currently on a gluten-free diet -- not diagnosed celiac but I have a sensitivity if not full-blown celiac. Years ago I was tested for sensitivity via a naturopathic doctor and it showed I react to gluten. I cut it out for a short time, but began eating it again. Recently, after a stomach flu that left me sick when eating gluten products, I eliminated gluten from my diet for 2 months -- but then accidentally got "glutened" and had a terrible reaction, so there's something there. (looking back I can see other signs, but anyway...) My son is 4. I have suspected he has an intolerance or celiac as well. I have been tracking his diet and it seems when he eats wheat pasta, toast, bagels, etc., his stomach becomes distended, his BMs are loose and pale (sorry if TMI) and his behavior goes down the tubes. Runny nose out of nowhere, and he gets sick A LOT. More than other kids his age. He's growing and has no other delays or anything, other than a tooth enamel problem. So finally my question: I am wondering if it's necessary to get him tested via our family doctor? Or should I just adopt the gluten-free diet for him as well, given my history? I ask because I am not too keen to have my son go through invasive tests such as an endoscopy, but I also realize how difficult a gluten-free diet is for kids. I'm not sure what to do. My family doc does not want to test for allergies until he is 6, because I guess they aren't very accurate. And I'm not technically officially diagnosed (not keen to put myself back on gluten, either, to do the testing). Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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