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  1. yes...I have the same thing, ever since i have been gluten free (5 months) my period has been late every month, last time I was 10 days late. Before I went gluten free I had regular periods but they were always really heavy and now I just...
  2. beatthewheat


    My best friend invited me to go with her and her family on an RV trip to Disneyland for her sixteenth birthday... Her family believes that being gluten free is a fad and doesn't recognize that it is serious.. My mom doesn't want to let me...
  3. beatthewheat

    Annoying Friends!

    ha yeah i have the same problem! im fifteen and a high school cafeteria is scary enough without having to bring gross looking food... My friends poke fun of my food and intolerance and i laugh along because i don't want to be too sensitive...