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  1. One word of caution for you...while going gluten free may really help you, you should also consider that there is a difference between being gluten sensitive and having celiac disease. While the gluten free diet is the same, the long time...
  2. Hi Ashley,

    Via a group on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/164761150259262/), I found out about a doctor named Dr. Colatrella, at Pittsburgh Gastroenterology Associates. I haven't gone yet, but he is supposed to be good. I go next week. I do not know about any support groups. Thanks!

  3. Hi, I totally understand the whirlwind. I have been gluten-free for three years and can remember my first few weeks very well. It does get easier...with bumps along the way. Once you are feeling better you will see how much it is worth...
  4. ashleyt

    Support Group - Pittsburgh, Pa?

    I am in Pittsburgh and would like more information about a support group...or be very interested in helping to start one.
  5. ashleyt

    On The Border Changed Gluten Free Menu

    Sorry, I meant are the On the Border chips sold in stores still gluten free?
  6. ashleyt

    On The Border Changed Gluten Free Menu

    Are their chips still gluten free?