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  1. thank you all for the advice.. I am slowly rummaging through my toiletries and making sure that there is no gluten in any of them.. this will be a long read.. sigh..
  2. Hi All, Just wanted to know if when you are diagnosed with Celiac do you really have to avoid gluten even coming from shampoo, conditioners, body wash, lotion, hand sanitizers and even make up? Anything that touches your skin? Thanks for your replies!
  3. We were on infertility treatment for two years ( IUI, Femara, Injectibles and even clomid) nothing worked. I have perfect eggs and a good candidate for IVF, we didnt do IVF coz its too expensive. Anyway, I have what they call unexplained infertility, then I got diagnosed with Celiac so now I am staying off gluten and going back to infertility treatments ( we stopped after the injectibles because it was such a pain). Hopefully this solves our problem too.. You might want to really clear your system off gluten then start with the treatments.. Just my two cents..
  4. I have a supportive close knit family and friends but from time to time there is one skeptical friend who'd think that I won't be poisoned if I eat gluten. As if my gluten free diet is somewhat like atkins or south beach! That I am doing this just so that I can slim down.. ( which is weird because I am slim at 100lbs!)
  5. Infertility

    HI All, I have just been diagnosed with Celiac in May 2011 and stopped gluten right there and then. I too am having problems with infertility. We didnt have problems with baby number 1 who is now 10 years old but now two years of IUIs, injectibles (we didnt do IVF) still no baby. My RE said I have the perfect eggs as when we did the injectibles, I was able to produce 15 eggs! but then none was fertilized. After reading all your post I cant help but be hopeful that this could be the answer to my unexplained fertility. I had my first positive ovulation kit three weeks ago and my period is a bit delayed so I am keeping my fingers crossed and toes intertwined too! Please continue to post your pregnancy success stories! Thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!
  7. I am thinking the same thing that's why it was negative.. Since I have to do a repeat biopsy every year now, I'll probably go on the gluten diet months before the biopsy. If I can take it!
  8. Thank you so much for the information. I guess I really have to be in the gluten free diet more than ever. I wanted to give it a try for three months since I got an inconclusive diagnosis. But after reading so many things about it ( and your reply) I am convinced. I have been off gluten for more than a month ( except for some occasional slip ups )and I felt good, no more twinging tummy ache after I eat, no more feeling sleepy after every meal and I feel energized and wanting more exercise. Plus My husband and I have been trying for baby 2 for two years of infertility treatments which included injectibles and IUI but nothing happened. I've no problem with egg production and all but I just couldnt get pregnant and the hubby's stat is fine so it's just me. I read somewhere that Celiac disease can cause infertility as well.. the more I think of what has happened to me it all adds up to Celiac. I;ve got Vitamin D/B1-6-12 deficiency, anemia. Again, thanks for the insight.
  9. HI thanks for the replies... here are my test results: Nuclear AB,ser,ql NEGATIVE Component Your result Standard range Units TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IgG 0.98 <0.90 - Tissue transglutaminase IgA 0.30 <0.90 - thanks again!
  10. HI, I have been tested for gluten sensitivity via blood test and it came positive. So immediately after the Doctor said I should avoid gluten I removed it from my diet. Then my Doctor scheduled me for an endoscopy two weeks after that. Tests came negative for celiac as she only check my right side ( where I was complaining a twinging pain to right side every after meal). Does this mean I have gluten sensitivity only and not celiac disease? thanks for your insights.
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