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  1. Chat Transcript info: Welcome to Aveda Online. Your personal Advisor will be with you shortly. info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in Aveda Online. My name is Connie. How may I assist you? Connie: Hi Michelle michelle: I am looking for some hair products and maybe some body products, but I cannot have anything with gluten in it or I will become severly sick. Connie: I am sorry to hear that. For ingredient assistance, kindly contact our Consumer Care team. They can be reached via phone toll-free, at 1.800.328.0849 M-F between 8am-5:00pm Central Standard Time or via email at ConsumerCare-US@gcc.aveda.com. Connie: They will be happy to assist you Michelle. michelle: Does Aveda seriously not have a list of gluten free products? michelle: Why? Connie: Yes, our Consumer Care team will be happy to assist you Michelle. Connie: Is there anything else I may assist you with today Michelle? Connie: Thank you for your visit. Connie: Have a great week!
  2. That would be an interesting thing to have. I have an appointment in 2 weeks, but I'm going to ask them to fax it to me.
  3. My endocrinologist ordered a saliva test to check for gliadin antibodies among other things. He was the one who found that I had hypothyroid issues after all the other doctors had just written me off as having fibromyalgia and attributing anything that came up as being a symptom of that. The SIgA test was positive with a value of 31 U/ml. Borderline: 13-15 U/ml Positive: >15. From Diagnos-Techs, Inc. "Patient shows moderate to severe intolerance or reactivity to Gliadin and is usually symptomatic with ongoing low to high-grade intestinal inflammation following Gliadin intake has been demonstrated." My endocrinologist is of the alternative sort and told me to avoid gliadin containing grains forever. We discussed the hoops and possible timeline of a Celiac diagnosis, but I was so severely sick and desperate to feel better, I cut out grains. After a month, my baby was having issues with weight gain and I realized I needed a diagnosis for my childrens' sake. I took a copy of this test to the GI on my first visit and it was dismissed as a test she'd never heard of. Fine, okay. She looked at my medical history and was pretty sure I had celiac disease. She asked me to gorge on bread for the next 2 weeks, then go in for the bloodwork and have the biopsy (same day). These are the results of the bloodwork: Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IGA <3 Negative Immunoglobulin A 127 In Range Sed Rate by Modified Westergreen 1 C-Reactive Protein <0.10 So, we have a positive gliadin antibody test, negative bloodwork, positive biopsy, and negative genetics. Any opinions would be GREATLY appreciated. I am VERY stressed. I was relieved when we had an answer to the symptoms that have plagued me since childhood. Now...
  4. Oh, please, please help. I had an EGI done in September that showed the cracked river bed appearance, scalloping, and the biopsy turned up atrophy of the villi. My GI then ordered the Prometheus genetic tests, which just came back negative. She called to tell me that I definitely DO NOT have Celiac Disease, just IBS with gluten intolerance. I asked her about the atrophy to the villi. She said a virus can cause it? She said it was good news because I could have a slice of cake if I wanted to. I told her that I baked a cake for my husband and ended up extremely nauseous, even though I didn't eat any. I was even diligent about washing my hands and the kitchen surfaces. I am very confused. She went on to say that she and the rest of the medical community agree that the genetic test is conclusive because it is 99.9% accurate. At the end of our 15 minute phone conversation, she said it was possible I was in that .1%. I am really confused. Where on earth do I go from here?
  5. I was grain free for a month before seeing my GI. She asked me to eat as much bread as possible for 2 weeks, then go in for the blood test and biopsy (same day). The IGA was negative, but the biopsy showed atrophy in the villi "consistent with Celiac". She showed me photos from the biopsy of the cracked riverbed appearance and the scalloping. So my diagnosis is "consistent with Celiac Disease". Tomorrow I have the Prometheus Celiac Plus test done as confirmation. Does this make sense? I thought the biopsy was supposed to be the gold standard for diagnosing Celiac. I want to have the Genetic testing done, then on my children. I have an 8 year old with Aspergers and a 15 month old that was diagnosed Monday with "failure to thrive". If I'm positive, they'll take the genetic test too. Regardless, I'm trying to turn the house gluten free anywany. My husband is allergic to wheat and noticed he doesn't have heartburn when he eats gluten-free. So why is the biopsy not enough?
  6. On the one hand, I hope it is negative for my children's sake. On the other hand, it would explain my medical history. Milk allergy (from infancy), IBS (diagnosed as a teen), migraines (since childhood), fibromyalgia (diagnosed 3 years ago), hypothyroid, and on and on. It would be wonderful for it all to go away by simply changing my diet. Well, maybe not "simply", but you catch my drift. An end to the pain and fatigue...
  7. I was gluten free for a little over 4 weeks when my egd was scheduled. I was told to eat as much bread as I could for the next 2 weeks and I did (whole wheat tortillas, 4-8 a day). I'm supposed to get the results tomorrow, but my GI said she saw all the classic signs of celiac (cracked river bed appearance, scalloping, etc.).
  8. I had my bloodwork and my biopsy last Friday. I know that some GI doctors do the bloodwork first, but mine was pretty certain from my medical history that I was either celiac or gluten intolerant. While she was doing the EGD, she took pictures of the duodenal bulb (with a cracked-earth appearance) and the the duodenum (scalloping). She said it looked like celiac to her but we would wait for the biopsy results. She was also concerned about food residue in the gastric body, fundus, and antrum; so, she did a biopsy there too. I'm supposed to call tomorrow for the results. If the genetic test also comes back positive, my children have to have that done as well. Our allergy doctor is concerned that my 8 year old is already showing signs of celiac and my baby is not gaining weight the way she should. Hopefully, no matter what, my kids can avoid all of this. What are the chances that the appearance of the duodenum is from something else?
  9. I recently had a saliva test because I had suffered from all of those same symptoms for years! My doc said I tested positive for the gliadin antibody. He said I had a severe intolerance to gliadin (found in all grains?) and that it was not just gluten. He told me I was done with grains, corn too. Corn is NOT a vegetable, it's a grain. Good luck:)
  10. I went to my neuro-endocrinologist today to discuss my saliva test. He was excited to explain the "why" of my thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, migraines, and slew of other issues. He said it was a severe intolerance to gliadin and I should avoid all grains like the plague. He said not to get confused with celiac disease, that it was only a subset. My saliva test read an SIgA level of 31. What does this mean? There is very little information on the internet about this. When I google gliadin, I come up with gluten. My doctor said that my body was not "allergic" to grains, it was more serious than that. Grains (corn included) were toxic to my body. Does any of this make sense? Where to go from here?
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