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  1. Thanks Everyone! I just want to note: a "feeling of attacked" is different then saying you "were attacked". You cannot dispute someone's feelings. That is the problem with email, blogs, forums where tone is implied through the eyes of the reader. It was not the fact that someone asked for where...
  2. Thanks Mommida -- i love your wording of "enjoy at your own risk" -- so the truth!! :-)
  3. skylark -- and thank you for the link directly on the shamrock shakes - that is super helpful and much appreciated!
  4. skylark - that is the whole reason why i decided to ask on this website. Because there ARE crazy things out there. And yes, i've always found this site supportive. I just feel like this is the first time that i've had replies from people where I felt like i was being attacked. No one likes...
  5. my question is about Shamrock Shakes, not french fries. I get sick when I eat them -- that is enough for me. I was just replying to your message indicating that their french fries are gluten free and implying that i posted something that was not accurate by saying i read it somewhere. I was simply...
  6. I do not remember where I read it which is why i'm asking on here if anyone has any info. I've always found this site to be supportive and informative. I disagree with Mcdonalds having dedicated friers and that they are gluten free. I am slightly offended that you imply that I would ever put...
  7. Anyone have an experience with eating Mc Donalds Shamrock Shakes? I read somewhere that the mix for the shamrock ones did contain wheat. Although pretty much anything at Mc Donalds I usually stay away from as even their fries depending on what other things they fried that day in the oil they use...