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  1. futuredvm24

    Just Wanted To Say Hello!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi! I just got diagnosed this past Wednesday although I sort of already suspected for about a year now. Things sort of went from bad to worse REALLY fast. Anyway, I am just trying to adjust right now. I am sticking to just whole foods for a few weeks and then I will transition some gluten-free processed items in. So just wanted to say hi and I am really thankful for everyone here because I've gotten some great info and advice in just the few days I started reading this forum!
  2. futuredvm24


    Not sure where to put this but... What's your favorite online blog or website that has to do with gluten-free and celiacs?
  3. futuredvm24


    Awesome suggestions! And of course celiac.com was at the top of my list! I read some blogs that give recipes and such and was looking for more. Thanks everyone!
  4. futuredvm24

    Had Fun Yesterday!

    Oh I wish they had something like that here in Vegas!
  5. futuredvm24

    Rib Cage Pain?

    I am in the same boat as you. I haven't been gluten-free that long so it's hard to say. I still have pain in my bones and joints although I was accidentally glutened the other day and it was way way way worse! I could barely move my fingers because they were so painful! I hope it goes away eventually! I'm only 24 and I feel like I have arthritis already!
  6. I think it's neat that you are a pastry chef. Now you can have fun experimenting! I think you will find a lot of great tips and information in this forum. I've only been gluten-free for about a month now and it's thanks to this forum and it's members that I've had an easier transition!
  7. I have been gluten-free for a week now. Some days I feel great, I almost forgot that I could feel this good! Other days not so much. I'm not sure if I'm accidentally glutening myself or if this is just a normal process?
  8. Ive had some similiar problems abd I've only been gluten-free for about a week now. So far, it seems like my symptoms have lessened dramatically, yay!
  9. I know it will take some time before I really start to feel better. It's just great to know that there are lots of people who know what I'm going through. I'm having my good and bad days but the bad days seem worse than the bad months I was having. Maybe it's because I forgot what it felt like to not have problems. Luckily, I had cut out a lot of processed foods beforehand so going gluten-free hasn't been too hard but it's definitely something to get used to!
  10. futuredvm24

    I'm So Bitter And Sick Of It

    I made a list of my favorite gluten-free foods that I had been eating before going gluten-free and that helped a lot. I think the part that sucks is that a lot of convenience is taken away when you go gluten-free but I think that when you start feeling better, it's worth it. I've only been gluten-free for a week and I've had some good days so far and some horrible days. It worries me to see that you've been gluten-free for so long and still having problems but Im hopeful that I'll be ok and you will too.
  11. futuredvm24

    Good Reaction To Celiac Disclosure

    That's great. Luckily, most people that I've told have been supportive. Some people at work are a little so-so but I really think it's because they don't really understand what it is.
  12. futuredvm24

    What I Miss Most.

    I miss pizza so much as well but what I really miss the most is eating some of my families peruvian and chilean dishes. I went to Chile a few years ago and eating their empanadas and completos were amazing. I also miss a good beer here and there but definitely my families food. We have converted a few things but you know..it's not the same!
  13. futuredvm24

    What's The Best Way To..

    Thanks everyone! I am definitely going to try the color coding..that should make it simple enough for other people to understand..hopefully As far as the oats go, I am definitely not eating them for awhile..just sticking to whole foods for now!
  14. What is the best way to eliminate CC in my kitchen if my family isn't gluten-free? I feel like I need to clean the entire kitchen and ziplock bag everything that may contain gluten..or maybe ziplock all my gluten-free stuff. My mom got me gluten free granola..and put it in the baking cabinet where there's loose flour and everything. Everyone is so messy with their bread crumbs so I have to Lysol the counter before I make anything and rewash anything that I'm going to use. The fridge makes me paranoid as well. I'm going crazy!! Any tips/words of encouragement appreciated!
  15. I was just diagnosed last Wednesday myself and I know how you feel about being overwhelmed with information and wondering what to do next. I am sticking to whole foods for awhile and then transitioning in some gluten-free processed products like bread. It's strange knowing that your life is different now. But it's for the best, we will be healthier because of it and I can look forward to that.
  16. futuredvm24

    Good For Life Bread

    I almost bought brown rice bread from them today..so glad that I didn't. Went for my first loaf of kinnick bread today!