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  1. I just made this same mistake. I just ate some chocolate and feel horrible!!! Also, I was thinking that because Hershey;s is gluten free that Godiva would be too (Big Mistake) I am so nauseous now ughh! This is a very hard transition, I agree!
  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your reply, Frieze! I agree. My dad and aunt are eating gluten but I am not. I had such a horrible reaction this last week that I do not ever want to eat it again..I should post a pic I looked pregnant because I was so swollen in my lower abdomen and it hurt. I don't mind not getting tested per se but it would be nice to have a diagnosis so people do not think I am being a drama queen. However, if I am going to have to go through that much pain again then forget it. I am still suffering from the last exposure. Is there anything you can take to lessen the severity of getting glutened?
  3. Thank you so much for your support. My dad and Aunt have alot of symptoms: anemia, graves disease, IBS, low calcium, arthritis, fybromyalgia, diabetes, pancreatic cancer. (to name a few). I know it is hereditary so I am suggesting that they go gluten-free or even get tested to see if that might be the case. I have also noticed my eyes get red when I first get glutened and then a headache/muscle soreness the next day and horrible bloating on day 2 (today). Do you ever experience anything like that? Is there anything known to help reduce the effects of being glutened? Probiotics maybe? I am so happy that I am not the only one who experienced the brain fog although I am sorry you had to go through that! It was the most horrible feeling ever along with the depression as you expreienced as well! I already feel so much better mentally despite eating that bread to test my theory but I do feel it physically as I said. That is amazing that you sat down on the computer and researched and researched...we have to be our own advocates. It seems we are alot alike I am so looking forward to this new journey and getting to know all the others that are fighting this battle!
  4. Hi! I am new here too! I think it's great that we all have a place to get support, share stories, symptoms etc. :)Nice to meet you!
  5. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Kelly, I am a 24 year old female. After years of multiple health issues and no diagnosis, I was compelled to research my every last symptom to see what was making me feel as if I was literally falling apart. My doctor kept telling me that all of my tests were normal and that she didn't understand why I had so many health problems for being a fit 24 year old female. I felt like a hypochondriac! I still had so many symptoms that I knew to go with my gut- I couldn't focus, headaches, no memory or mental focus "brain fog", anxiety, depression, bloating, always dizzy, fatigues as well as extreme eczema, a swollen inguinal lymph node (for years), irregular periods, constipation and hypertension to name a few. I have been on a gluten-free diet for a week now and already feel so much better. My skin looks brighter, my dark circles under my eyes have gone away, my eyes aren't red anymore, no more aching neck muscles, no more bloating, my lymph node is completely GONE. The one thing that helped me link the possibility of being gluten sensitive is my hidradenitis suppurativa. There's a link between the HS and gluten intolerance however after this week of going gluten-free the HS is almost GONE. I have not been diagnosed yet (my doctor retired) so I am going to look for a new doctor to help me determine if any damage was done during that time and to get an official diagnosis. As I read other's stories...I can relate so much...we are all in this together. It's true that I never realized how bloated and uncomfortable I was until I tried the gluten-free pizza at my favorite local pizza place. I was actually full without being swollen and so tired that I could pass out/throw up! I tried a piece of bread last night to test my theory and I feel miserable today- headache, red eyes, achey....etc I do know one thing- I will never eat gluten again! This is such a wonderful community from what I have read and experienced so far and I am so happy to not be in this alone. I am just looking for people to talk to and to help make my day to day life a little easier. I am always here to talk to if I can show any kind of support. I just want to talk to someone who understands!! Thanks for listening
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