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Hi. I am a 29 year old mother of two who also attempts to run a massage business in my spare time. I am not completely sure what to write in here and, at the present moment, am feeling really isolated, depressed, and frustrated about this possible diagnoses. I would like to get the diagnoses confirmed, but I am not wanting to go through the pain of eating gluten again. I have lost weight, energy, the ability to do the things I love and I just want to feel better.

I starting going completely gluten-free about a week ago after my doctor's nurse told me my lab work for celiac came back as a possible positive. She said that because of the lack of evidence of anemia, that it was not a definite diagnosis. The gastrointestinal doctor; however, has not even looked at my labs and it has been a week and a half since they received them. For those of us without insurance, I am finding this to be commonplace. So... what else to say. I have joint pain, weakness, dizziness, the inability to eat any raw vegetables with out suffering with horrible gas pains, headaches, hemorrhoids, 3-5 BMs a day, cramping 1-4x every night and multiple times a day, and depression. Oh yes, and I also have about 5 sores in my mouth that make it painful to eat anything. I think that about covers it.

On a lighter note, I am feeling better. I will continue feeling better. I am on my way to recovery and learning how to cope with my new, healthy lifestyle :) I take life day by day and know that I will have good and bad days, but at least I know what is making me sick now.

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