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  1. So it sounds like everyone had severe symptoms before calling? I tend to "over-think" any medical suggestions so I'm just looking for feedback on the following. I realize this initial post was old, but any suggestions would be great. I've had a friend who recently had an emergency gall-bladder surgery. So now her, and other people have been recommending that I get tested (simply because they know I've had minor "stomach" pain for year, and was diagnoses with celiac's in August 2011. I've still had some minor symptoms after going gluten free (but i've been told that this could be "normal" in the first year while healing). I have had random mild pain on my lower back- right side (exactly where everyone above has described). one time over the summer this was consistent enough that I did call my doctor. but it was just consistent for a day or so-- no severe. My doctor told me just to take advil and call back if it got worse; it didn't. I'm generally fine other than feeling this minor pain now and then (I should also note that I feel it right now, as I'm thinking about it recently-- but haven't noticed it that much when it was not suggested to me I do have a lot of other family/life stress right now just in fitting in appointments so it is really not a good time to just go as a "prevantative"...but obviously, I want to take my health seriously.... ok, so my question is: what to watch for? would you call a doc now, or wait for it to get worse (i know that sounds bad)...
  2. Thanks again, everyone. I noticed everyone is very specific with the same wording wording of what should be replaced (like metal colanders, nonstick pans with scratches, plastic large spoons, utensils). So, just to be clear does this mean that the following are generally OK (if clean and put through the dishwasher): non-stick pans with no visible scratches? plastic collanders/strainers? regular saucepans (not non-stick) with some visible scratches? What about "tupperware" dishes (plastic dishes for leftovers)? Also, I noticed that the cermaic part of my crock pot (inner part that contains food) has some visible lines (caused by heat over time). I frequently used flour to thinken dishes. I'm assuming the crock pot should be replaced? Again, I'm sorry for being so specific with so many "silly questions". I just want to make sure i'm understanding correctly now. i realize there are no gaurantees-- but all the general advice from those that have been doing this longer is greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks! that is helpful. that was the only ingredient in a jar of PB that I reacted to twice (the first I thought it was something else). I've now realized that there must have been CC (from a knife or something before I was living gluten-free). (I know that sounds like common sense-- i think we all agree this is a learning process). I gave that (fairly new) jar to a friend and will try a new one. Thanks again!
  4. I'm sorry you had a bad experience! I"m fairly new to eating gluten free but I've eaten off Unos gluten-free menu a few times and have never had a problem. (but i've never had the gluten-free pizza). The management at my local Unos (upstate NY) takes care in explaining preparation procedures including preparing the food separately, wraping it separate (if it's to-go) and even having a separate server bring out a gluten free order (so it will not accidentally touch another plate). I was happy to see that some of my "old favorites" (like the baked stuffed chicken) are on their gluten-free menu. Like I said, I've been happy with this particular restaurant but I can't speak for all of them.
  5. I've wondered about peanut butter too. in most of the Natural brands I've seen, the only ingredient I don't recognize is "palm oil". I'm assuming this is safe because it's not on any "unsafe ingredient lists, but I want to double check. does anyone know for sure? Also, I noticed most of these posts on PB are pretty old- so i just wanted to double check. thanks!
  6. I love them! the cinnamon is my favorite as cereal (with milk- if you eat dairy). I like the cinnamon, plain, or chocolate dry (for a snack to keep with me if i'm not near "safe" gluten-free food).
  7. Thank you both!!! thank you for clearing up the "cross-contamination" issues of non-food products. That, obviously, makes a lot of sense!!! I had somehow gotten the impression that people were saying they were concerned about simply being around these products. I do not have a dog currently, but was curious about that one. I really don't use my toaster at all- i'm not really sure why I own one So if I ever decide I will use it, i'll get a new one first. thanks again so much with all the replacing and washing info/tips. I realize a lot of this is "common sense". But, as you know, beginning to live gluten free is A LOT of info at once and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I hope this info helps other people who are new to this too. thanks!!!
  8. Hi. I am VERY new to this. I was diagnosed as a Celiac about 3-4 weeks ago and have been very careful to eat gluten-free ever since. My boyfriend has been very supportive. We both cook a lot at one of our places. We started using all gluten free ingredients (for my food at least-- sometimes we'll make two batches of something-- one gluten-free and one regular-- but are very careful with utensils and CC) and I've felt GREAT. (just to be clear-- we use all the same utensils or dishes in either of our kitchens--- but we make sure we wash them well before i use them-- and i don't use anything that could have obvious residue/crumbs (like a toaster, etc) However, I've been reading things about those living gluten-free having to go buy all new utensils, dishes, cutting boards, etc?? my dishes are kind of "porus" (ceramic) and I still haven't had a problem. I also have many friends/family members who were either in the nursing field or knew someone with a gluten sensitivity and they don't seem to think i need to be that careful. I also eat out at restaurants with gluten-free menus and haven't had a reaction-- they assure me that they prepare everything separate-- but i would guess that they could be the same utensils that were just washed between uses?? I am confused by this and have many questions: 1) Do i really have to go buy everything new?? (i really don't think i could afford to eat anymore if that were the case) 2) I know dishes washed in a dishwasher are more "sanitized" than those washed by hand; is this true for gluten too?? 3) I've also read about people being careful with even being near things with gluten (like dog treats, cleaning supplies, glue, etc). can someone please explain how this works? I always thought it was something you ate? 4)are these answers the same for everyone? or does it vary based on your level of sensitivity? Here is just a bit of background info if anyone needs it to be able to answer: Prior to being diagnosed, I had had "minor" but consistent stomach problems/"uncomfortableness" as long as I can remember. My stomach would often feel "tight, upset, or gassy" after i ate and sometimes i'd have sharp (often mild) pains. Usually, after i felt like this, my stomache would be "off" the next morning but nothing specific or unbearable. My symptoms don't really seem as severe as others have described. After a conclusive blood test, my doctor basically told me that I should be strict with gluten-free diet and "do my best to stay away from it". She said that if I have a reaction, then just try to figure out what that was from and not eat it again. She referred to me to a specialist "just to be sure"-- and he told me the same thing-- and said just to call if anything changes. He said, since my diet was helping, no further tests were necessary at this time.
  9. Hi everyone. I am looking for advice on what i possibly could have eaten last night that caused a reaction. Any guesses??? I have had minor undiagnosed "stomach issues" my whole life and was diagnosed as a Celiac about 3 - 4 weeks ago? I have been eating a very strict gluten free diet ever since and have seen lots of positive differences. I know it probably takes longer than this to really know though?? Last night, I made a family recipe with (what I thought were completely gluten free ingredients) and I had an "upset stomach"-- mild pain, "tightness, "gassy",-- these are typically the symptoms I had frequently before I was diagnosed. The recipe had: -lean ground beef (which i've eaten in other gluten-free recipes and have been fine) - instant mashed potatoes (package said "gluten free" and only prepared with water) -canned creamed corn (Walmart brand that contained : corn, water, sugar, modified cornstarch, salt) the package said "a naturally gluten free food," which i know is just the manufacturer's way of protecting themselves b/c they are not making any claims about the possibility of cross contamination) -- i went with this brand b/c it was the only one that said "modified cornstarch" instead of "modified food starch" and i thought it was the safer choice. -- cheddar cheese (i've been eating cheese and dairy and have not had a problem. Do you see an ingredient that could have been the "culprit"? the corn maybe? or is it possible that it was unrelated? like not drinking enough water or eating too much? or drinking too much coffee with food throughout the day?? (although symptoms feel very much like how i felt frequently before i was diagnosed). Oh, and my boyfriend also ate all this and was fine-- that's what makes me think it was gluten-- SOMEHOW. THE OTHER PROBLEM.... I usually try to "isolate" a new food so i know if i have a reaction or not. However, since i thought it was ok, i also had: apple sauce (said "naturally gluten-free...") - i've had this before and been fine biscuits that i made myself with gluten-free bisquick mix (and I had a diff batch the day before and was fine) gluten-free pumkin cookies-- that i made myself and checked the ingredients. Sorry for the long post. please let me know your theories/guesses/advice. Thanks!!!!
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