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  1. I worded that previous post wrong, I meant to say it feels like someone putting their fist through my upper belly into...
  2. I really do not eat any spicy or acidic foods, I have had PH probe testing acid and they say everything is fine, this...
  3. I have not posted anything in quite awhile, I guess I just need to vent again. I am have been looking for that miracle...
  4. I have not been taking either. Guess I have been reluctant to add another variable to the mix, maybe it is something...
  5. I have not posted for some time out of frustration with my ongoing issues. I have been gluten free now for over a year...
  6. TTNOGluten

    Frustration To The Max

    Sometimes when I read these responses I get a little choked up as corny as it sounds. I cant believe the outporing of...
  7. TTNOGluten

    Frustration To The Max

    My home is as gluten free as I could possibly imagine it being, I have different toothpaste, soap, utensils, different...
  8. I have not posted with the exception of yesterday in quite some time, mostly out of my own frustration and battling some...
  9. I have not posted in quite some time out of frustration, mostly because I have been depressed about my situation and...
  10. Boy do we ever have a similar story. I have been on a 8 month quest to define my illness after previously being perfectly...
  11. TTNOGluten

    So Sick, Went To Doc

    AVR, Your symptoms sound very suspicious for hyperparathyroidism. It is frequently missed by many docs due to fluctuations...
  12. TTNOGluten

    Calling On All Veteran Celiac Posters

    I have removed the dairy(casien) from my diet as well. NO real change
  13. Well the past few weeks have been interesting for some new diagnostic studies, was hoping that all the veteran celiac...
  14. TTNOGluten


    I have had so many tests it seems that it is making me confused at times. Most of them continue to come back negative...
  15. TTNOGluten


    Well after a follow up to see the gastro, got some interesting news, I have been gluten free now for over five months...