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About Me

Self Diagnosed Celiac Nov. 2010 after 12 years of suffering.

Severe Chronic Fatigue / Sleeping 20 hr. day

Severe Brain fog, Blurred Vision, Migraines

Candida / Joints-Muscles-Bones painful / Earaches

Tooth enamel gone / Ruptured disc in neck

Adrenal Glands very low / Panic attacks / Neuro

Toward the end had minor vomiting, GI, etc.

Severe Hay fever every fall since toddler

Severe Acne from early teens till 30's

Mother diagnosed with Celiac over 30 yrs ago.

Both Brothers and Sister all have major medical problems related to celiac.

brother #2 and I believe we all have celiac disease.

  1. Nov. 2010 Self Diagnosed Celiac after 12 years & 4 Dr's

    Severe Chronic Fatigue, Sleeping 20 hr. a day, Severe brain fog, blurred vision, migraines, Candida, Joints, muscles & bones in pain, tooth enamel gone, ruptured disc in neck, toward end had minor vomiting, GI, etc.

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