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About Me

I'm a 45 y/o female and I am pretty sure I've finally found out what's been wrong with me since my 20s.

After spending the last two days sleeping on the bathroom floor, I just had to look for some answers.



Severe abdominal pain both upper and lower

Chronic nausea

Voracious appetite


Edema in hands, ankles and feet


Brain Fog

Intermittent severe hair loss

Immediately fall asleep after eating


Restless leg syndrome/periodic limb movement disorder for which I am severely medicated (maxed out on Pramipaxole and Neurontin and it doesn't work

GERD (script strength Protonix (doesn't work)

Hospitalized several times with vomiting for no known reason

Gestational diabetes resulting in loss of child full term and anorexia during pregnancy (not from lack of eating, but because no medicine could keep me from vomiting with diarrhea)

Gallstones resulting in removal

Acne (onset in late 20s and I take Spironolactone to treat)

Long, heavy periods, very painful

Debilitating tiredness

Chronic joint pain

NASH (fatty liver biopsied and diagnosed) Grandmother and brother died of Cirrhosis...mother is diagnosed and sister and daughter have enlarged livers

Depression (Prozac)

I'm also Irish, tall and short waisted.

After reading others symptoms I started realizing that what I thought were unrelated issues now seem pretty dead on here. :(

Waiting for test kit to arrive next week.

What alerted me to this was taking my son to see a neurologist for possible seizures. The doc wanted to test for metabolic issues as they are common in children with Down Syndrome which he has. He also has many of my symptoms as well. A 72 hour study will be conducted before Christmas to replicate his brain activity during his nerve disturbances which are daily, as are mine. I did not know that vitamin deficiencies could effect you that way as well.

Very overwhelmed and looking for opinions and advice...

Has anyone been able to eliminate medications to treat symptoms once going gluten free? The side effects are often daunting on their own.

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