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  1. Be careful with adding blue cheese back into your diet. Blue cheese is made from mold. There are two ways to make the mold: either from caves, or from wheat-based cultures. Do your research and make sure the brand of blue cheese you're buying is not from wheat cultures. Enjoy the cheese!
  2. I had lots of hair loss when I was using a shampoo that was not gluten free. I've had great success since changing to a new shampoo.
  3. I have had great success in adding chia seeds to my diet. High in fibre, and you can eat them a ton of different ways. I liked to eat them with a little almond milk and dried fruit, but you can add them to smoothies or other cereals really easily too.
  4. I keep hearing I should be concerned about tea. What should I be looking for to avoid? I know there is sometimes barley in green tea, are other herbal teas safe as a rule?
  5. Does anyone know if UFC Banana Chili Sauce is gluten free? The ingredients look fine until "Spices". Should I be concerned about it just saying spices?
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