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  1. I agree with you that more than one test is needed; I just wish I'd have known to ask for more tests when I was still glutened! I have all the classic symptoms: paleness, fatigue, gas, bloating, diarrhea occasionally (it mostly went away when I got rid of dairy), constipation, white coating on...
  2. I just called the lab that processed my test, and they told me the range is: Anything less than 19.9 is negative. So my 5.1 is a definite negative! Its disappointing that my GI was wrong, and I'm not a weak positive, but she dx'd me with celiac before even seeing these results, so I guess my diagnosis...
  3. I called my doc today, and the secretary read me the test results and told me the range was: less than 20 is negative, and above is positive. Does that make sense? If so, why would my GI tell me it's a weak positive? I'm so confused
  4. Hi again, When I had my celiac bloodwork done, my doctor tested me only for tissue transglutaminase IGA, and I got a 5.1. My doctor said it was negative, since anything lower than a 20 is a negative. Well, I wasn't yet aware that I should also get tested for IGA deficiency to make sure my numbers...