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  1. I agree with you that more than one test is needed; I just wish I'd have known to ask for more tests when I was still glutened! I have all the classic symptoms: paleness, fatigue, gas, bloating, diarrhea occasionally (it mostly went away when I got rid of dairy), constipation, white coating on my tongue all the time, my hair grows super slowly, mild pain in my abdomen after getting glutened, my abdomen feels like its all cramped,twisted and clogged after i eat gluten (not very scientific but that's how it feels!), and an itchy rash on my thighs (it's slightly raised, and looks like lesions,
  2. I just called the lab that processed my test, and they told me the range is: Anything less than 19.9 is negative. So my 5.1 is a definite negative! Its disappointing that my GI was wrong, and I'm not a weak positive, but she dx'd me with celiac before even seeing these results, so I guess my diagnosis still stands Would I need a separate test to know if i am IGA deficient?
  3. I called my doc today, and the secretary read me the test results and told me the range was: less than 20 is negative, and above is positive. Does that make sense? If so, why would my GI tell me it's a weak positive? I'm so confused
  4. Hi again, When I had my celiac bloodwork done, my doctor tested me only for tissue transglutaminase IGA, and I got a 5.1. My doctor said it was negative, since anything lower than a 20 is a negative. Well, I wasn't yet aware that I should also get tested for IGA deficiency to make sure my numbers were accurate indications of anything. Too late for that now since i'm off gluten and now my tests won't be accurate. My doctor then told me the test isn't so accurate anyways, so I should just try gluten free and see if it helps. I tried, and it was great. My mother convinced me to see a GI anyway
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