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  1. If I eat potato chips, potatoes, corn, soy, dairy I get so bloated it looks like I'm 9 months pregnant. and I am a size 2. I can't get into any of my pants or skirts for work and have to wear something baggy. I also just noticed that when I drink flavored soda water I bloat up like a tick. I have been gluten free for over 10 years and still have no relief unless I quit eating all together. (I know this because I just had the flu for a week and felt great without eating). I hate being cursed with Celiac!
  2. I had silicone breast implants put in on Feb 27, 2006. I developed Celiac Disease soon after and then developed Sjogrens Syndrome soon after that. I decided to have them removed yesterday and it's a good thing I did as the surgeon discovered that one of the implants had ruptured, which I suspected about 3 years ago but didn't have them removed. I'm at home recovering as I speak, but looking back I wish I never would have had them put in in the first place. I'm still bandaged up, but know that I'll be back to my normal self soon. I'm anxious to find out if I feel better (celiac) in the next month. After implants I had no feeling in my breasts, couldn't lift weights like I used to before they were put in, and they were very lopsided. I would be happy to talk to anyone to talk them out of it. I was a 32 AA and after implants a 32 DD. I'll keep you posted on my new look...I can't wait to see the results!
  3. I found out that I am not only allergic to gluten but also to Soy and many vegetables and fruit. My chiropractor did some testing on me and after she told me the things I should not be eating, I did my own little study. She was correct on all of the vegetables and fruit that was on her list of things that I could not eat. Something to think about. Soy is in everything and makes me just as sick as gluten. You could try avoiding it and see what happens.
  4. I did see the show and at first I understood why she thought it was funny. But it truly is a great idea for a dating website. My ex-husband thinks I am making my Celiac Disease up. He says "oh come on...you can have a piece of pizza or a bite of a sandwich". It is very hard to explain to people how serious my reactions are to gluten. If Ellen understood how serious it is and lived it she would understand too. Right now I think that people think that this is a trend or something. Like it's a choice. In my house, my 4 kids understand the severity since they see what happens to me if I ingest any gluten or soy. I am going to be on Ellen November 13th. Maybe I can talk to her!!!! Hahaha!
  5. It's been a while since I have been on this website. But I recently went to a new chiropractor who tested me for some other foods and found out that along with being gluten free for 4 years, I now cannot have quinoa, buckwheat, soy, dairy, broccoli, cabbage, turnips(who cares), cauliflower, carrots(total bummer), celery, mushrooms, lettuce(what!), green olives, green peppers, spinach(my favorite) and onions. Wow! What an upsetting appointment that was. I am already gluten free, dairy free and a vegetarian and I also started buying gallons of bottled water. So now this. I am only in my 2 week of removing all of these foods from my diet so I have not seen a huge improvement on my lower abdominal pain. Anyone else have any of these issues? It makes me just hate food even more. Hopefully I feel better soon. This has been going on since I was a small child and now I am 42. I am quite tired of it.
  6. I quit drinking any hard liquor and just stuck to wine or gluten free beer, but they still make me so sick too. Severe lower right gut pain. It's a bummer.
  7. I haven't tried going off of soy. I will try that starting today. Thanks so much!
  8. Not brown rice flour! I eat that daily. Maybe I will replace it with quinoa flour.
  9. My home is not gluten free since there are 8 of us living here. I have my own toaster, make my own gluten free bread(which makes me sick), have my own utensils and pans, have my own peanut butter, etc...
  10. Hi, My name is Dawn. I am a single mom with 4 kids and I have been gluten free for 4 years now and am still painfully sick. The sharp pains in my lower right abdomen have me doubled over from morning until night. I am bloated to the point where I look pregnant and have tried everything to feel better. I have had an MRI, CT, colonoscopy, numerous blood tests and have seen my Gastroenterologist more times than I would like to. They just tell me to go gluten free and I will feel better. I have done this for 4 years, and still feel way to much pain. When I lay on my back you can see my intestines moving like there is a baby kicking. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen. I am also a vegetarian and eat very little dairy. I make my own gluten free bread at home just to be sure. Can anyone help me to feel better? I have come to hate food and have also gained weight. Which is so strange since I don't eat very much. Any help out there? Thanks, Dawn
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