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  1. I've seen two rheumatologists and both came to the conclusion that they didn't believe I have lupus, RA, or scleroderma. Aside from a weak positive ANA, all of my bloodwork the rheumatologist did came back normal. I have a scope and colonoscopy coming up in a week.
  2. It's just odd because it's come on out of nowhere over the past two months, making me think it could be related.
  3. I've recently experienced this with my feet - "fat pad atrophy" - getting tested for celiac soon...if that is the cause, does it get better after going gluten-free?
  4. My feet symptoms have been pretty all over the place, but mostly it's been heel pain and metatarsalgia that gets worse with activity. It feels like I'm just walking on bones with no padding...which is why they ordered the xrays.
  5. I'm not sure if this is related or not, but I had previously visited a rheumatologist to rule out RA, Lupus, etc. They had me get x-rays on my feet and she told me today that it showed osteoarthritis in one of my feet, primarily my left big toe. Possibly related?
  6. Are the blood tests you refer to the one's GFicDC mentioned or an ANA screen? I had a weak positive ANA screen - not sure if that's relevant or not.
  7. What symptoms did you have? I haven't done labs for celiac yet - what specifically would I need to ask for? Thank you!
  8. Hi All, I have been reading many posts here and decided to post myself. 2019 has been a unique year for me and one in which I've dealt with some new health issues. Ironically, the year started with me aiming to eat better and to lose weight - my goal was to get from 212 on 1/1/19 to...