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  1. Just to be clear, I noted that I keep Gluten Ease on hand "in case of accidental glutening". I agree that someone should never intentionally eat anything in excess of 20 ppm gluten with the idea that Gluten Ease will protect them. But it appears that this product can be helpful in reducing symptoms when one accidentally ingests significant gluten. Also, since I am not as sensitive as some people, the benefits of Gluten Ease may have worked better for me that it would to someone who is much more sensitive.
  2. I am Celiac and always keep some Gluten Ease on hand in case of accidental glutening. Last week I made some waffles, grabbing a box of pancake/ waffle mix from the shelf where we keep our gluten free products. After eating 3 waffles, my wife noticed that the box did not say "Gluten Free". It turns out that someone gave us a box of regular wheat flour type pancake mix - my wife intended to give it to another friend but forgot to and it ended up next to the other pancake mixes (that are all gluten-free). I am not overly sensitive to minor cross contamination and it has been over a year
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