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  1. You'll probably have you best luck at a natural foods store like Whole foods, Sprouts, Trader Joes, etc.. You can also grab them online. I typically use Vitacost. The dosage will be on the label. Some vitamin/mineral supplements can cause deficiencies or increased levels in others, so you may want to seek some medical advice.
  2. Have you read the lab values yourself? Not slamming physicians but they are busy folk, and will generally look to see if everything falls into a normal range, but CRP for instance might be high normal, and may be higher yet since your last CRP reading. That was my issue. CRP wasn't high but was going up on each annual exam. I didn't have bad values either, but i did have a RBC of 4.7 with lower normal being 4.7. I'm a smoker so that value should tend to be high. I also had a high MCV. If you had a CBC, you should take a look at the values, and see where you might be high normal or low normal.
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