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  1. gluten-is-kryptonite

    Gluten Free Fried Clams Etc.

    Did someone just say gluten free deep fried clams in a dedicated fryer. About. To. Freak. Out. Where is this place? Unbelievable. Must.Go.
  2. gluten-is-kryptonite

    Does Anyone Here React To Omission Beer?

    Thanks so is this test not accurate? R5 Competitive ELISA for gluten content
  3. Well fu$%ing A! Had Omission last night and have a sour/upset stomach today which started not long after having Omission. No other odd or new foods. The weird thing is that I've had it before and have been unclear on whether or not it's an issue. Do other people react to it? I am very sensitive and absolutely meticulous about what goes in my mouth so I know this must be it. Just wanted a good tasting beer. Guess it's back to sorghum based beers. wtf!!!
  4. gluten-is-kryptonite

    Celiac With Itchy Legs - No Rash

    This happened to me and it was from a magnesium and potassium deficiency caused by celiac. Use magnesium malate or glycinate (not oxide) and increase potassium rich foods now.
  5. What do the charcoal tabs do?
  6. gluten-is-kryptonite

    Canker Sores

    I used to get them all the time growing up and then once i got diagnosed with Celiac last year and got completely off gluten I no longer get canker sores (or the laundry list of other symptoms). If i get glutened accidentally I always will get a canker sore a few days later. Every time!! If you are still getting canker sores I would ask if you by any chance are getting a small amount of gluten. Do you use a separate toaster? Are you getting cross contamination without knowing it?
  7. I am a Celiac and eat a strict Gluten-Free diet. I went many months without even a stomach ache and then got cross contaminated or possibly straight up glutened. My reaction was more severe than it was in the past. More stomach pain, lasted longer, fatigue, brain fog all lasted over a week. In other words do people find that their reaction becomes more or less severe to accidental "glutenings"?
  8. It was a gluten free pasta dish and I gave them my celiac dining card. Is that fair to ask for my money back? I was glutened quite badly- been sick for the past 6 days.
  9. Hi everyone I just got back from a competition in st Croix (US virgin island). I went over 2 months without even a slight stomach ache but got a bad stomach ache and IBS the first night there after eating the gluten free pasta dish they served. The water is also suspect so I don't know if I got some bacteria from the water or if I just got glutened. The race (half ironman) did not go well since my gut was not working well- I had to pull out of the race a few miles from the finish. They were serving water filled from tap water at the aid stations and I was told to not drink the tap water (at the hotel). How can you tell the difference between montezumas revenge and glutening? To be honest it seems like I got glutened- I had the other symptoms too- brain fog, no energy, IBS etc
  10. I went off coffee for about 5 months. When I started back on it I got some GI issues- not as bad as gluten but similar. I thought it may be from the little bit of creamer so I switched to rice milk which I never react to. I still seemed to have GI issues from coffee. Not cool. Anyone else find this? I know there is some info out there about the cross reactivity of coffee and gluten (even though coffee is Gluten-Free the body may react to it like gluten - or something to that effect). Thoughts?
  11. gluten-is-kryptonite

    Anyone Here Have Diabetes Insipidis?

    Thanks Chiana I have had many blood tests as well. Negative for type 1 or 2 diabetes. Hypoglycemia i don't think so. My symptoms only happen if I take in a lot of salt (sleepiness, dizziness, fatigue- dehydration and hypernatremia symptoms). If I take in food with little or no salt there is no problem. When the symptoms set in I can go from feeling great to horrible in a matter of minutes- and it also has a HUGE impact on my mood and focus. It's almost as if my brain is being affected as well. There is no question I am chronically dehydrated even when not training even though I am drinking an incredible amount of water. I actually got an appt with a nephrologist today so I am really hoping to get some answers. I am so frustrated and this is having a huge impact on my life. The last 7 days have been especially bad since I did a little experiment on my own and had a lot of sodium last tuesday. Haven't felt good since then.
  12. Hi everyone I did a search and there were a few threads but they were a bit old. Does anyone here also have diabetes insipidis? I wondered if you could share some of what your symptoms were and also weigh in on the below. I am really having a hard time. Once I went gluten free I no longer had stomach pain, digestion was better and more energy however something is still not right. Anytime I have a lot of salt I get major issues- basically like really dehydrated even though I am drinking a great deal of water. I haven't been tested yet for DI but plan to asap. I only have come into this hypothesis last night. I seem to have all of the symptoms for DI. I will list them- Urinate VERY frequently including several times at night and is always clear. Even after sleeping or exercise it is clear with just a slight yellow hue. My last few blood tests had a high BUN and also a high BUN/creatinine ratio. It seems like water just goes through me and i am not hydrated even though I'm drinking a ton. I also am very thirsty all the time and wake up with a very dry mouth. I am an endurance athlete too and this has been very difficult to deal with. If I drink sport drinks I get a sleepy fatigue dehydrated feeling. I seem to only be able to do water and low sodium carb sources. Am I on the right track with thinking I might have this? It has been going on for at least 2 years and I haven't been able to get it to stop. Is there a connection between celiac and DI? Is it possible that the autoimmune nature of celiac has damaged my pituitary gland and caused DI?
  13. gluten-is-kryptonite

    How Can I Find A Dietitian Who Specializes In Celiac?

    I've done some searches and not coming up with much.
  14. gluten-is-kryptonite

    How Can I Find A Dietitian Who Specializes In Celiac?

    Hi - I was diagnosed by a Naturopathic doctor after my bloodwork came back positive.
  15. If anyone knows the answer to this please post here. Thanks!