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  1. Did someone just say gluten free deep fried clams in a dedicated fryer. About. To. Freak. Out. Where is this place? Unbelievable. Must.Go.
  2. Hi everyone Thanks for the replies. Part of how I discovered this is from eating chips. Yes my guilty pelasure is eating chips! and a lot of them. I only was eating ones that I know are gluten free like Kettle brand. I am not sure which kind of salt those use. I should really look into this. Sports...
  3. When I have too much salt (which isn't that much) as in over 300mg I get a foggy head, sleepy, no energy, bad mood, can't focus. I have no idea why this is happening? Do any other celiacs experience this? I am wondering if it's possible to have a sodium allergy? Or maybe somehow celiac affects the...