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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Headache

    It is difficult to describe. When I first wake up or when it first starts later in the day, my head feels fuzzy inside. It starts out as a minor annoyance. If I do net take something it gradually turns into a very painful headache. It hurts on top of my head and my forehead. Medicine does give temporary relieve.
  2. Headache

    I don't think it's from gluten. I can think of three occasions where I was glutened and all three times I had tummy troubles from it, not a headache. My husband made gluten free brownies using butter he had double dipped in to.make toast. It took the second time of eating them and getting sick to realize the mistake. The third time I got careless when we had hamburgers and hot dogs. I think some crumbs from everyone else's buns got on my plate somehow. I did eat some tastefully simple garlic 3 weeks ago. I realized after the fact that it was tastefully simple. None of their products are safe. It did not cause tummy troubles, but would it cause a headache to last 3 weeks?
  3. Headache

    I was diagnosed with celiac November 15. Earlier that week, my OBGYN tested my iron and it was 5.4. After a few days of going gluten free, I could tell a huge difference. My stomach issues and headaches went away immediately. My energy level slowly started coming up. However right before Christmas I started getting headaches again. I thought my iron was dropping due to some female issues. However when I got it checked it had gone up to 10.5, and less than a week later 11. So that is not the cause of these headaches. I have had a headache for two weeks straight now. Medication only provides temporary relieve. Any ideas, suggestions, or similar experiences?
  4. Pizza Dough

    Do you keep it in a ball after it rises and then store it?
  5. Can pizza dough be made ahead of time? If so, how should it be stored?
  6. Cinnamon Rolls

    Ooh, can you share that recipe. It sounds yummy!
  7. Cinnamon Rolls

    One more question, can the icing be made ahead of time? I did not make icing the first time I made the cinnamon rolls.
  8. Cinnamon Rolls

    What about pizza crust? Can it be made ahead of time?
  9. My family has a tradition of eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning. To keep that tradition alive, I found a recipe on the package of Bob's Red Mill pizza dough mix. I already tried the recipe out and they were a big hit with my family. My question is, could I make the dough the night before and refrigerate it until the next morning? At what point should I leave the dough - as a mob of dough, rolled up, or cut into the individual cinnamon rolls? I do not have much experience with baking.
  10. My sister makes a sweet potatoe casserole. She shared the recipe with me. Everything looks safe except for the 3 tbs of all-purpose flour. Should we substitute gluten-free all-purpose flour? If we do, do we need to add the xantham gum. Or should we substitute rice flour?
  11. Thank so much for your replies. My kids do not show definate symptoms. However, they all seem to get sick very easy. They pick up anything that's going around and often have it longer than normal. Not sure if that could be a symptom. My kids are 10, 8, 5, and 2. Right now my family still eats gluten for lunch and dinner or when we are out. However for dinner, everyone eats gluten-free with me. I don't cook separate meals. I also read in the articles above that they may not show symptoms. My 10 year old is rather short for her age. But I'm only 5'4" and my husband is 5'8". I have a sister that is only 5', so initially, her short height has never alarmed me. Now that I've read celiac can affect growth in children it makes me wonder. I also wonder how long it has been affecting me. The stomache issues started a year ago. However, looking back, I think it's been causing migraines and my tiring easily for a lot longer. Without the stomach issues I would not have gotten a diagnosis. If they have celiac, I want to find out before they get as "sick" as I was. Thanks again for the advice and thank you for letting me ramble. It's nice to talk to people that understand.
  12. I found out about a month ago that I was celiac. Should I have my children tested for it?
  13. Capsule

    Thank you for the information. Is there anything the doctor can do about the damage he sees? I have it schedule for the 28. We already met our deductible so I want to squeeze it in this year. My other concern is my iron. A couple days before I found out I was celiac, I found out my hemoglobin was 5.4. This past Monday it was up to 9, which is still low but a huge improvement. It's only been the last couple days that I've felt like I had enough energy to get anything accomplished. I don't want to go back to being so tired. I have a lot that needs to be accomplished right now.
  14. My doctor wants me to do a capsule. He didn't even tell me what it was let alone why he wanted me to do it. I have researched and now know what it is. I also know it is to see what damage has already been done. What is he going to do with this information. Is it worth the money and time that it will take?
  15. Has anyone had trouble with Oscar Mayer hot dogs or Hormel chili (hot with beans, says right on the can "gluten free". Something I ate last night has made me sick and those are the only "new things" I ate since going gluten free. I did also handle buns for my family last night. Was I not careful enough?