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  1. Well I am glad the ball is rolling...good for you! Well I doubt 2 weeks gluten-free is going to really change his diagnosis. Afterall my dd has been gluten-free for 7mos and is still positive (although so much less and she is growing so much I cant keep up..yea).. ANyway..ask your GI, but it sounds like little jack is sick enough to warrant the tests and the scopes bec of his degree of illness. If the diagnosis is inconclusive then there are other tests..but go for it unless your gi says otherwise. I have to ask if you are the mom who a few mos ago asked her ped to test her son bec dd was pos for celiac disease and the dr said no. Is that you?
  2. Well I am a little late in the game here...so I hope your meeting w/the GI dr went well. I am a pediatrician and I am definitely concerned that your little Jack has celiac or some other malabsorption issue. With all of the diarrhea and ?weight loss and now blood..there is much to investigate. Just so you know it is very common to be lactase deficient (meaning you cant digest lactose...dairy) when your intestines are inflammed from celiac or otherwise. My daughter (celiac disease diagnosed 6 mos ago)...had that and now w/a good gluten-free diet she is tolerating all dairy well. Make sure your dr looks into other causes of malabsorption beside celiac...cystic fibrosis, milk-protein allergy, allergic gastroenteritis (usually due to food allergies). If you arent getting answers then get to a dr who gives you some. I feel it is impt to feel a connection w/your dr and if you already didnt like the GI dr..then try to get another recommendation. GOOD luck and I hope little Jack is doing better.
  3. I am glad to have helped a bit. I just believe in giving parents what they want and need psychologically and emotionally within reason. I also hope most pediatricians aren't motivated by insurance issues. We haven't had any problem w/companies paying for the celiac screen anyway. BUT it needs to be coded appropriately (ie. abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc). It's good that you have faith in your ped and that you will give him another chance. Perhaps he had a bad day or needed to look into it more. I will say that my daughter really had NO overt symptoms. She is 5, not growing very well and had a big belly (yes with an outie). BUT that's it. TUrns out she had horrendous anemia, lactose intol, gastritis, esophagitis and not a complaint out of her. That taught me such a huge lesson about this illness, it's insidious in some people. To give your ped credit, celiac diagnoses have changed since I was in med school in the early 90s. What an education I just got! Also, your peds GI should rec all of your kids, you, their dad and cousins get checked...it's in 20-30% of all first degree relatives. You never know what you'll find and who you will help. Good luck and keep me posted. I hope little Ben doesn't have celiac disease!
  4. It depends on where you are in Jersey and your insurance, but I use Hackensack University Medical Center...Dr Wendy Jeshion (she is my friend and child's dr). her associates are also outstanding. I think they take all my patients, including my own kids, very seriously and will find out what is wrong with your daughter. Their number is 201-336-8840. Has your daughter been tested for Cystic Fibrosis? Has she had an endoscopy or colonoscopy? Her tests are questionable, but has she had a serum IgA done as well? I commend you for demanding good medicine and answers. I am a pediatrician who goes to great lengths for my patients and I tell parents that they are their own children's advocates....you keep asking until you get answers! Good luck.
  5. As a pediatrician and Mom of a 5 yr old girl w/celiac disease my first advice is to find a pediatrician who "gets it". If this dr doesn't understand the genetics of this disease and that it is important to pick-up celiac disease before symptoms present then he needs some real education. Perhaps you could download him some articles on celiac disease and diagnosing it in first degree relatives. I routinely check ALL sibs of celiac disease kids and offer testing to their parents too. It sounds as if your son could definitely have it and my opinion is opposite of your dr. What harm can a simple blood test do? Good luck and I hope you find the answer to your questions and competant, compassonate and thorough medical care
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