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  1. Food poisoning isn't an option. 5 total ate the chicken and the only two with intolerances got sick.
  2. I can admit fault when I am wrong. I have no intent on scaring people with false accusations. The thing I do know that is fact is that the recipe used has been tried and true by both of my friends and the only variable that changed was the chicken. I agree it may have not been the smartest thing to jump in the water while not being able to see the bottom but I felt people needed to know. If I am wrong in doing so then I am sorry
  3. Kareng you have to give time for proof to exist. I spoke with customer service with purdue chicken. The rep advised me that they only list wheat, eggs and nuts on their allergy labels. The rep went on to explain that without the r and d dept she couldn't confirm any other allergins. She also said that is a "proprietary" blend of ingredients. They barley part comes from my friend(a chef) who helped cooked the meal and he explained that most seasoned broths are seasoned with barley. I will further contact r and d to get further answers. I didn't post this to cause falsly startle everyone, but everyone should know what occured. We are all on the same team here Afterall.
  4. Whatever you do don't walk down the bread aisle as I did....I felt by the time I reached the end I needed antidepressants. Also make sure family knows the situation, it makes it easier around holidays when those evil gluttened foods are involved.
  5. They first to leave were my horrible stomach cramps and the rest of the ibs like symptoms. Also abt that time my reflux was gone. A couple of weeks later as my life became normal again the agitation finally disappeared.
  6. Forgive me, this post was never intended to spin off into a discussion Reguarding ethical treatment of animals or company standards. This was meant to be a warning, so what happened to me doesn't happen to you. Also the flour used has been tried and true by my celiac friend. She has never had an issue with it until that night and keeps her pantry completely gluten free. I have attempted to contact purdue reguarding the issue but to no avail I haven't gotten them. I will post a further update when I speak with them.
  7. I actually have had 2 different celiac tests. 1 for the original doc and then another by my new doc I got when I moved. The first one did multi biopsies and numerous others tests(sadly I can't remember which). The second doc did a celiac test and ultimately decided once again that it was still IBS. I was placed on lomotil(generic for lonox) and told to monitor my diet. I agree that it is very early in the gluten free but I feel considerably better. I have little stomach cramps and throbbing pain throught out the day. I also greatly appreciate the imput.
  8. Well hello everyone, I hope all is well. Let me start off by saying I'm not just confused but also very aggrivated by my situation. So I will you in. About 6 years ago I started having horrible stomach pain, numerous trips to the restroom, nausea(with occasional vomiting), and general lethargy. All of this appeared out of nowhere. The doc suggested biopsies, endoscopies and the lovely cup test. Well he found absolutely nothing and ruled it as IBS. Needless to say I was confused and angry that all this was happening. Well fast forward to roday, I have discovered through experimentation that I am lactose intolerant. I tried everything to stop symptoms of this nonsense. I tried medication, didst change and exercise(well you never know haha) but nothing is working. A coworkers suggested I go gluten free and see what happens. Well dive days in and I feel great. Most of my stomach pain is gone, I have made less trips to the bathroom and I'm not really nauseous. So could this be ncgs since I tested negative for celiac?
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