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  1. Just wanted to update so that other people might benefit... I took the medications for a few months and found that they were causing severe pain - headaches, neck pain, bone pain. It was very strange. I was also starting to have gallbladder attacks quite frequently. Then in June I landed in the hospital with sepsis! I was on IV antibiotics for 3 days while they ran every test imaginable and they never could figure out where the infection spread from. They wanted to take my gallbladder out right then, but I said no way in hell am I going into surgery with a mystery infection. Once I was home and eating real food again I decided to stop all my medication to see if anything changed. As an aside, I did confirm that the meds were gluten free, but they did contain potato starch and nightshades are on my no-no list. Anyway, I had a follow-up with a surgeon who told me taking out my gallbladder would only make things worse at this point. I asked about infections or the possibility of it rupturing and he said it is so rare most doctors never see a ruptured gallbladder. Thank God for an honest and caring doctor! I continued to have moderate to severe pain for a few weeks after discontinuing the meds, and then it gradually faded away. SInce I did not have pain before I started the meds, I believe the pain was a side effect. My labs since then are completely normal as well. Moral to the story, keep your body parts!!! It just takes time to heal and get some good nutrition into the body.
  2. Just curious what people are buying. What brands are considered safe? We are hosting this year and I have my eye on a Whole Foods free range turkey, but they are very expensive!
  3. You might find this useful: I am super sensitive and have found many certified gluten-free foods cause a reaction. My doctor told me to cut out all manufactured food until I am healed. It sucks but I want to heal quickly. Only fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables that I cook myself. No restaurants, no friends or relatives cooking for me, and nothing from a package! Once you are healed you may be able to eat some packaged foods in moderation, but apparently some people never reach that point.
  4. Thank you for the replies. Diana I have heard that too, so I am hoping that enough time on the diet will naturally take care of this. cyclinglady I will definitely update on how it turns out. My HIDA scan showed an ejection fraction of 19% with anything under 30% being low. I can tell the ursodiol is helping, although it causes nasty gas and bloating. I agreed to the endoscopic ultrasound to rule out a blockage in the common duct, but my doctor even told me she doesn't think I have stones and that taking out the gallbladder probably won't cure the pancreatitis. So my next question was why should I consider taking it out then? She said just in case. Haha, ok! I think I will hold onto my gallbladder then
  5. Hi all, I hope someone here has had similar symptoms and can share their experiences with me. I am a 31 year old female. I am 3 months post-diagnosis and have been fully gluten free for 4 months. We are not sure how long I went undiagnosed. I had mild digestive and psychological issues begin in high school but severe symptoms did not start until last fall after the birth of my third baby. After months of hell I finally was diagnosed and went to a gastro who found that I also had mildly elevated pancreatic enzymes and a low functioning gallbladder. I am taking ursodiol and creon to aid in digestion, and if I don't take them I have a return of symptoms. Now the gastro is talking about taking out the gallbladder (even with no stones or pain) and wants to do another endoscopy procedure to take a closer look at the pancreas. Any one else have issues with these and have them resolve on a gluten-free diet? Or am I looking at medical intervention?
  6. I see Dr. Harry Delcher. He is a board-certified endocrinologist in Atlanta (Sandy Springs area) who has gone "off the grid" so to speak. He is known for using natural methods including Armour for thyroid. Just a warning - he does not accept insurance, but he will give you an itemized bill with all the codes so that you can submit for reimbursement if you like. New patient consult is $320, follow-ups are of course cheaper. He works with a nutritionist and they sell all the supplements and such in their office.