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  1. Thanks so much for your replies! I look forward to meeting with the GI doc, going gluten free, and finally feeling better. I've got lots to learn and I am thankful that this site exists :-)
  2. I just received my blood work from the Dr. after requesting a celiac panel. Just wondering if there is just a chance I'm celiac or if it is pretty likely. I have an appointment set up with a GI dr. But don't see him for a couple of weeks. Here are my test results: Transglutaminase Ab IgA (H) 9.0. <4.0 Weak Positive Anti-Gliad IgA, deamidated (H) 23units. <20 Weak Positive Anti-Gliad IgG, deamidated (H) 120 units. <20 Moderate to Strong Positive Endomysial Ab, S (H) Result: Positive Titer 1:40 Reticulin Ab Negative Any help interpreting these results would be greatly appreciated. :-) Thanks so much!!!