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  1. I actually came here looking for Peanut Butter info for my daughter's lunches. This has been so helpful! I thank all of you!
  2. This is a question I have as well. It's great to hear all the responses. We, as a family, are going gluten-free on Saturday due to my daughter's diagnosis.
  3. Thank you so much for your responses. The other diagnosis they are throwing around is Cystic Fibrosis and we go in to talk about that on Thursday. I would much rather it be a Gluten issue. From my reading and I hope I am correct...the test she was positive with, the DGP IgG shows that there is tissue damage relating to gluten? Also, on two of the tests testing IgA are low...does that mean anything or is that a good thing? Our referral for GI has been approved, although the Dr she was referred to does not treat children so I had to find her a pediatric GI which I think works much better. The Ped Dr has a special interest in Celiac. PowerOfPositive...please let me know how your biopsies turn out. Looking at so many labs and trying to decipher, I remember seeing your post about only being positive with the DGP IgG. I have started a food diary for my daughter as well as documenting her poo everyday. Is there anything else I should document or note? The GI said that new patient appts are already booked into June...so I think it's going to be a long time before we can get in...unless we get lucky and get a cancellation! Again, thank y'all so much. This board has been really helpful!
  4. My 5 year old daughter had lab work done because of her weight. She has not gained anything in over 2 years and is sitting steady at 32 pounds, she will be 6 in July. Her lab work came back yesterday with the result of possible Celiac Disease and her PCM has referred her to a Gastroenterologist...just waiting for the referral to go through. I am completely clueless about all of this, nothing like this crossed my mind...I actually figured it would be a thyroid issue. I went through her symptoms the last few years and this is what I have... Decreased appetite Diarrhea (not constant but at least once or twice a week) Easily bruises Very poor weight gain Fatigue Mouth Sores Since I am so new to any of this, I have tried really hard to look through all the lab results here and try to decipher my daughters. I have spent the whole afternoon reading this site. Here are the labs IgA 143 (Normal) Limits 33-185 mg/dL Endomysial Screen (Negative) tTG Ab, IgA 2.0 Range <20 Negative, 20-25 Equivocal, >25 Positive Gliadin Peptide Ab, IgG 22.6 (Abnormal) Range <20 Negative, 20-25 Equivocal, >25 Positive Gliadin Peptide Ab, IgA 4.1 (Normal) Range <20 Negative, 20-25 Equivocal, >25 Positive tTG Ab, IgG 17.4 (Normal) Range <20 Negative, 20-25 Equivocal, >25 Positive Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer me some input!
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