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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes I feel like I am better and then all of a sudden I feel like I fall back a step or two. I have now gone almost six weeks without gluten and milk, beans, and eggs (my other allergies), nevertheless I am sure that something gets in every now and then. It has...
  2. I am now thinking that the lower back pain comes after I drink pop. I have drank cola and orange pops and it seems to bother me the same. Has anyone heard about lower back pain (heat sensation) being connected with carbonation or caffeine?
  3. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease exactly two weeks ago and have taken gluten completely out of my diet. Well 6 days later I started to get a heat sensation in my lower back when I lay down flat on my back. I wouldn´t say it hurts but it is like a burning sensation inside my lower back. It´...