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  1. Thank you for such detailed answers Green and 0range. I will look into foods with magnesium and also ask my dr about a possible thyroid issue. Another question I had was, do any of you have an issue with bladder infections? I get many of them for some reason. Also, I have had on and off kidney pain (not now thank goodness) but have had a history of calcium buildup on my kidney which was painful. The CT scan didn't show stones...just a buildup of calcium. Is that normal?
  2. Thanks Green. I actually didn't know that. Are there any food that can help increase my magnesium levels? And also wanted to ask, I once had a thyroid test done but it was in the ER years ago and I am sure that they did it the quickest way possible. I wanted to know what tests I should be asking my dr for in order to get an accurate result whether negative or positive?
  3. I have not been tested for Celiac disease yet. But I decided to start a new topic about some of the symptoms I have so that I can learn. Not sure if this is a symptom of Celiac or not but it's something that is an annoyance to me. Tinging. I get tingling in my left upper thigh mostly. It happened while I was sitting down eating my pasta and it happens a lot when I lay down. I also get tingling in my hands, but not as frequent as the thigh tingling has been.
  4. I haven't seen the Purpura but I do still have the tiny red flat spots (petechiae?) I noticed some more on my shoulder today. I hope I am eating enough for the tests. There are days when I can hardly eat because of slight nausea or a general ill feeling. I also had another question, and I am sorry if I ask a lot. But I noticed several months ago that my cheek has become a bit sunken in, Now I am 98 pounds but if it was due to weight loss wouldn't it be both sides? And can celiac disease make your skin that way?
  5. Hi June. Thank you. I will certainly look into that if this dr visit I have coming up doesn't go well. Another question I had for everyone is, I used to get the rash on my skin where it looked like the blood was coming to the surface of my skin - kind of like Purpura. I haven't seen that type of rash in a while on me. I read that it has something to do with blood platelets. Since I haven't seen this rash does that mean my platelets have fixed themselves? Will my blood tests not be able to detect there was, or could still be, a problem?
  6. I have had this rectal pain for years and years. Drs look at me like I am nuts but was told by one to have a colonoscopy. I didn't then because of the mistreatment I got from drs. I gave up and hid. But it's something I wish to have done. If I can just find a dr who believes that I really don't feel well.
  7. Thanks Ski and green. I try to consume as much gluten as possible everyday just to make sure the tests come out accurate. But now at least I know one to two slices of bread a day will be good enough. Another question I had was : What is the difference between Celiac Disease and Celiac sensitivity? I have been looking on the internet and found a few things but I guess I am not completely understanding all of the dr terms they use. Other things I failed to mention in my very first post were, I get these red spots on my skin. They are flat round red spots. I have a few on my hands, one on my nose and some on my chest. Can either celiac disease or sensitivity do this to me? Also I get terrible rectal pain that can last anywhere from a minute to about 2 hours. I have not had it last as long as 2 hours though. Thank goodness. The pain seems worse around the time of my period. But I do get it throughout the whole month. I just don't know what triggers this.
  8. Thank you all for your responses and welcoming me here Yes I am still eating gluten until I get tested. I am just not sure how much gluten a day to eat. I read a post here once that said about 4 slices of bread a day, something like that? I had a sandwich and potato salad today, but I don't now if I can handle anymore bread....I am not so hungry and am usually not so hungry. I eat smaller amounts of food through out the day because my tummy feels upset and bloated a lot. I don't know how to get enough gluten for a test to be accurate.
  9. Hello everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to introduce myself. I am a 31 year old woman from New Hampshire and am here to learn more about Celiac Disease. I have had several symptoms for years now and have had no answers from drs. I lost faith in them a long time ago. I have tried finding the cause of my issues in the past, but I get close to test date and then the dr says something that makes me ashamed of my symptoms. The last incidence was her saying "They won't find anything. I know you, you are just nervous. There's nothing wrong". I have been mistreated emotionally by drs, so I have shied away. I know that was a bad thing to do but that's what my reasoning was. Meanwhile I am 98 lbs, have issues with my periods being too short or missing them or having too many. I have gotten rashes on my skin that look like purpula, except mine are confined to one patch on my legs or arms. I may have gotten this rash in other places and have not noticed. I also get these tiny red dots on my chest area mostly. Neither of these things itch or cause pain. I have had heart palpitations before and have had a stress test and all seems ok with my heart. I am a smoker and I know that is bad, but I get some strange things happen to me where as other smokers I know in my immediate life do not. Also, I get bloated after I eat. I know some bloating is normal but mine tummy just pops out too much at times. I had a sandwich and canned soup today and that's when I noticed it. I also have itchy dry skin that is very annoying to me. I have had a couple drs suggest endometriosis to me as a reason for my cysts and funny periods. It is written in my medical chart that I am anorexic and have anxiety. I do not get any more anxious than anyone else. I am just frustrated. Although I have had some unexplained anxiety attacks, some big some small...I have not had a huge one in a long time though. My living situation is better now. But I do fee anxious for no apparent reason at times. As far as the anorexia goes, I am not anorexic. I will eat when I have the money to buy food. But eating can be difficult at times. Right now I feel full and heavy even though I haven't eaten much today. I had a BM today but it was small and difficult to go. Sometimes I feel like I really need to go and nothing ever happens. That's all I will say for now because this is getting long. I am seeing a general dr on the 13th and I am nervous that this will be one more dr who doesn't listen to me. I want the appropriate blood tests to check for Celiac to start, then an endoscopy if need be. What blood tests are needed to check for this? I want to be very very clear with this dr. It is the clinic and they are not always good about things but it's all I have for now. So I want to be ready and prepared with a list of my symptoms and the things I would like to see happen. I am just afraid of being pushed to the side, of being told I am jut an anxious anorexic. I am not anorexic. I am anxious because I get treated poorly by lots of drs. If you have read all of this then I thank you. And it's nice to meet you all.
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