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  1. Nothing new that I can think of. (I'll probably start keeping a journal again to make sure) I have been thinking it is gluten, because it(the swelling), feeling very lethargic, and a sharp headache are what I have contributed to how I feel if I get glutened. (Outside of that, I'm told I'm a pretty silent celiac). My face used to basically always look swollen until after I stopped gluten, but it makes me wonder if I may be allergic to something as sometimes it will happen outside of gluten ( I think). I've had an allergy panel done, and that came out negative recently to about 40ish known allergens. So idk. You think it may be something else?
  2. Oh my, I would have to say that that is a pretty good description of what I can look like at times. But for me, it is even cross contamination it seems.
  3. Just seeing if I'm alone in this. After an accidental gluten ingestion, my face, mainly my cheeks, really bloat. It is to the point that I look like a different person/have gained 20lbs. I'm just wondering if this is true for anyone else out there? If so, any good remedies besides waiting? Also when I get glutened, I have rosacea like outbreaks. All of this bloading/rosacea out breaks will last for almost a week after. I have been doing very well after finding out I am Celiac, but accidents happen to use relative newbies (about 1 year since diagnosis) . Thanks! -anna Exp. Day 2 after glutened: http://s589.photobucket.com/user/starjazz2009/media/IMG_20131003_101537.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 About a week or so after http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss336/starjazz2009/1396291045628.jpg
  4. Hello all! So i have been gluten free for about four weeks now and I have a few questions. I have managed to only Gluten myself about three times. When I do eat gluten, I notice that: 1. Sharp Headache 2. Extreme Hunger for the rest of the day sometimes two days. I could literally eat the fridge. It's like nothing I eat makes me feel full. 3. Slight Bloated feeling. Facial bloating. 4. Lethargic feeling Is this normal? Many of the symptoms posts I find mention a lot of cramping and bowel discomfort, which I don't really experience Yes I have been tested and have Celiacs. . Any confirmation of these symptoms would be great. Thanks
  5. Well, I hardly believe they have to be responsible for our well being, but on the other hand I can't understand why it is so hard for them to ask the cook if they add wheat to any of their dishes. I'm talking about a mom and pop restaurant, not a chain restaurant where no one know whats really in anything. I chose a Mexican reason solely because this one does not serve a lot of flour containing anything other then tortillas. I mainly posted here to ask how people cope with these instances of having people not believe/indifferent to something that would make one very sick. It's coping, I'm trying to cope. I really did not post intending for people to give me a lecture on how I'm leading myself open to cc, I understand the risk. But I refuse to allow this intolerance to keep me lock inside at my own kitchen for the rest of my life. I just want some advise on dealing with this. I'm very shy and hate having to tell people I can't have gluten as is. Your reply was very insensitive. :'(
  6. So it begins, learning how to eat out. So the other day I went to this local Mexican restaurant that I LOVE. So I, before becoming a Celiac, always got a platter of a shredded Beef Burrito, Mexican rice, re-fried beans, and, of course, chips and salsa. I went their last night and had a talk with the server asking her to talk to the cook to see if their was any flour in the re-fried bean, rice, or the shredded beef in the burrito (I was planning on just getting the innards and not the tortilla). She became really hostile to me, like I was trying to find out their recipes or something and trying to change they way they cooked o.o . I explained to her that I could not have Wheat etc... that, for my safety, I was inquiring about a specific ingredient not all of them. Basically got to where I did not trust that she would make a point of asking so I requested to be served by someone else. The new server was very understanding (she told me how her child has a peanut allergy). So I found out that I just had to skip the Mexican rice, but got some creative rice w/other spices in it that the cook dished up . My main point is how do people deal with this? People who know someone with an allergy tend to be more understanding( I have concluded this because I also have 10 other food allergies, though easier to avoid), but why can't other people get it? I just don't want to have a waiter/server not check or etc...when its very important. I guess the run in just kinda shocked me. Has anyone else had similar experiences, or was my server a rarity ? Thanks!
  7. That's a great idea! Will have to keep that in mind next time I hit the store. Ya those gluten-free breadcrumbs are pricey and not really all that good in my opinion. Thanks for the tips -annajazz
  8. O.O That is such a great idea! Will definitely try this. Thanks for the tip! -anna
  9. Hello Everyone! I will admit that before becoming a Celiac (about two weeks ago) I loved everything breaded! Bread Crumbs are always present in a abundance in my kitchen....now.....not so much. I went to a couple of my local grocery stores looking for a good sub. Now I have given rice flour a try, but I want that crunch/ texture of bread crumbs. I also tried some corn gluten free guarantee to be the best thing ever $8 bag of stuff, ehh it was ok. So about four days ago I started to put everything together to make some Danish meatballs, only to remember that I could not have the bread crumbs in it any more So I decided to be inventive. I noticed my box of rice chex. And decided why not? So I subbed my 1/2 cup of bread crumb for a 1/2 cup of crushed up Rice Chex cereal. And they turned out great! Last night I used crushed up Corn Chex to make a outer coating to some baked chicken legs. Nice and crunchy. Just though I would share What are things other people have come up with to sub for bread crumbs? Let me know
  10. Thanks! These links have been very helpful Ya I have been trying to stick to foods that just naturally do not have gluten in them. It is a lot easier and cheaper then trying to substitute gluten free things for those that have gluten(aka pasta etcc..) I have been doing very well this past week. All of you guys on here have been extremely helpful. I did get tested and was positive for Celiacs. ugh.. Thank you for pointing out gluten free vitamins, made me look at my current one and found out that it has some gluten in it. Oh well, time to switch. lol -annajazz
  11. Oh wow, I didn't even think about the amount of contamination in a pizza place. Thanks for the tip, I shall have to make sure to ask about that before I eat there. Awww man Thanks for the tip on corn starch (I'm allergic to corn). oh well. Hmmm the Canyon Bakehouse looks awesome, I'll have to check that out. I love the nutty bits, nothing like a good crunch to a dough. Thanks for pointing out all the possible contaminators!
  12. Hi! Thanks so much for replying! I have a similar oral allergy to tomatoes. Nice to know I a not the only one facing multi-food/gluten allergies etc... I am definitely going to look into Udi's, they sound fantastic. Thanks for the link Glad to know that Progresso has gluten free soups I love soup! I have found that the more research that I have been doing the better I am feeling about this change. One tends to feel all alone at first. But, now, since finding this forum, I feel better knowing that there are others like me out there. I totally understand you with the weight. I exercised and eat right without results for so long. And now, with being off of gluten for just 9 days I have dropped 4lbs. Feel amazing, have more energy too . If I am starting to feel this much better after just 9 days, I can't wait to see how I feel in a few months. Thank you so much for replying, I find your reply to be so helpful. I can't wait to try some gluten free pizza There is a little pizza place down the street that has them that I am now dying to try. Good luck with your journey on gluten free
  13. Hi! Oh that would be awesome....hhmmm lets see. Intolerances: Pork, High lactose (a.k.a I can have skim milk, but 2% is a no no), caffeine, chocolate, cream cheese, and corn. Allergies: Latex, avocados, kiwi, chestnuts, melons, tomatoes, lemon, and lime. Thank you for the link!
  14. I find that this diagnosis is, in turn, both a blessing and a hindrance. We all know that one person who seems to be virtually allergic to everything, well, I am that person. I have an allergy list that is a mile long and all my friends think they are going to kill me when I come over for dinner. I have never been able to loose much weight, even though I eat a pretty balanced diet and hit the gym a few times a week. I have never been one for snacks or fast food. And, now, on top of a really restricted diet already, I find that I can not eat gluten either. While this is sad, I find that I have a bit of a leg up on most people. I am used to a limited diet, having to inform people of allergies, getting into those awkward situations at Thanksgiving and other get together when you inform people that the food looks wonderfull but it might just kill you or cause you to have a not so pleasant day.... My doctor has told me that I might actually loose some of my allergies after I give my body a chance to heal. I hope, beyond hope, that this is true. He believe this mainly because most of my allergies are intolerance ( I just call them all allergies because it saves me time explaining the difference to people). And once my inerds heal, I may find that my body will be able to digest them again I am currently on day 6 and I have never wanted a piece of bread so bad in my life lol. I am not even overly particular to bread, but, by golly do I crave a piece. On the bright side, my head is feeling clearer, I have lost 2 lbs, and my pants seem lose, and my face less bloated. I never really realized how much stuff had gluten in it. But I am glad that my Doctor was finally able to find out what was wrong with me. I am so glad that this site is here. I have read so many stories. I feel that they have inspired me for my journey with getting off of gluten and adjusting to its lifestyle. They have also given me hope that I can beat this bread craving I have developed. lol For the time being, I have thrown out my loaf of bread, bought some gluten free pretzels, and am munching on a few here and there in hopes of tricking my craving lol. My question to you, how have you coped? Whats a good tip to keep in mind? Thanks
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