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  1. I agree with covsooze. Ursula, thank you. The two links for lectins and salicylates were very helpful. Thank you! I realize now that what I thought was a hypersensitivity to gluten, may be other intolerances. I know I’m gluten and dairy intolerant, those were pretty obvious once I got started. However, I still have persistent issues that I thought were from gluten cross contamination. Now I suspect they might be something entirely different. So thank you so much Ursula. I am sorry you suffered so much for so long. But like you, I find joy in actually having a chance to greatly improve my health. By eliminating the source of the problem rather then medicating the symptoms I feel I, at last, have a chance to decrease my dependency on pharmaceuticals - those “helpful” little pills that seem to resolve one problem only to create two more down the road. I do have a question though too. With all your sensitivities, has this made buying personal health care products, as well as household cleaners more difficult? What do you do about those types of items?
  2. I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for me on the rice allergy subject. I have reduced my diet to all locally grown organic produce and meats (less processing, less chance of cross contamination – I’m extremely sensitive to gluten) but it is expensive, bland, and difficult to maintain enough variety for nutritional purposes. I have tried to eat processed food, even the organic ones that say gluten free, but I usually get a reaction and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I thought it may be due to cross contamination at non-dedicated facilities, but I am starting to doubt that. Since I have not been able to find gluten free, organic, unprocessed grains, I keep trying different minimally processed ones, and usually end up with a reaction. Any suggestion on how to determine if my reactions are from a rice allergy or from gluten cross contamination? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Additionally, one thing that I have figured out is that whenever I use gluten free flour mixes, even from dedicated facilities, I get a strong reaction, even if it doesn’t contain rice. The last one was from a dedicated facility that also tests all its food for gluten before labeling it gluten-free. It only contained potato starch with garbanzo bean, tapioca, white sorghum, and fava bean flours. Any ideas of what I might be reacting to in this mix? Thanks everyone!
  3. Additionally, I have been figuring out that some of my hold over symptoms may be from other intolerances. So, as many of you already know, if symptoms pop up after going gluten free, it may just indicate that there are other intolerances to look at as well.
  4. Wow! I swear, I never thought anyone got that but me. I never even suspected it was from being a celiac until about a month ago. I used to get the pain about 10 years ago. Thought it was weird, but hey, bodies are weird, so I never thought much of it. About 5 years ago, I stopped getting it, but that’s when I also started to have larger medical problems. I went gluten-free about 8 months ago, and as my large issues resolved themselves, my smaller weird intestinal issues came back, like my belly button pain. I was confused as to why it came back, but then I realized that I was getting it after gluten exposures. I think for me, my system was so damaged that some issues no longer registered. However, since I am getting better, getting gluten now causes an intestinal response where it did not before. So I would agree with your Doctor, it probably does have something to do with inflammation/irritation, and the reason as to why you are getting it now rather than before, is because maybe like me, you finally have a healthy enough gut that it can actually feel discomfort again.
  5. Any Celiac with at least two of these symptoms within an hour of eating Tightness of chest Fluttering in chest Chest pains Asthma like breathing Breathlessness Difficulty breathing Rapid unexplained heart beats may want to see a doctor and ask about an activated iron supplement. My Doctor has me take activated iron for about 2 weeks after an exposure to gluten. The reason for this, as I understand it, is that after an accidental gluten exposure, iron leaches out of your system. The tightness in your chest and difficulty breathing is from temporary anemic. Since you have less iron in your blood, as iron is crucial for transporting oxygen in your blood, your lungs have to work harder to get the same amount of oxygen into your blood stream - thus the tightness in your chest the restricted feeling of breathing, and the labored breathing at times. Additionally, your heart beats faster to move the blood quicker to make up for the decreased oxygen intake - thus the fluttering or rapid heart beats. After about 2 weeks, the initial damage of the accidental exposure subsides, and iron levels maintain themselves again and then the supplement should be discontinued. DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. See a doctor first. A person can over dose on iron, NOT a good thing. So see a KNOWLEDGEABLE doctor too. Since it is temporary anemia you can get tested and not have it show if it has been awhile since your last exposure. If you can’t see a knowledgeable doctor and the symptoms are severe, try eating foods high in iron, and see if it makes a difference. Hope this helps. It has made a HUGE difference to me. In addition, if I get the tightness now, I know to look at what I eat. Most of my other symptoms have gone away, and this has been a good double check to make sure I am really gluten free in my eating habits. It’s a lot harder than I originally thought. Cross contamination sucks. However, at the end of the day it is worth all the effort! I like not being sick all the time!
  6. Hello Everyone! I have searched the web (though granted, I am not that skilled) for something and I thought maybe you, knowledgeable folks could help since I could not find anything on it. My DH is totally gone now that I am gluten-free, but I have started getting (or maybe I used to get them but only just started noticing) these weird "blood blister" like things in my mouth. They don’t hurt, and it’s not from any chewing accident or friction or anything. Just every few weeks I'll be brushing my teeth, and feel a weird bump on the inside of my cheek, look in, and color me surprised, one or two blood blisters have set up camp. They go away in less than a week, or if I lance them, they bleed, and then disappear rapidly. Does anyone else get these? Does anyone know if they are from being a celiac, or from having a gluten exposure? I have tried to ask my doctor, but every time I get one, it is gone before I can get in to see her. The only thing I found on the web was on a fibromyalgia message board, (which is weird because I don't have but fibromyalgia, but I get the blisters) and no one there was talking about gluten as a possibility. And no one on that board seemed to know what it was, what it was from, or what to do about it or even if it's anything to worry about. Any comments would be appreciated.
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