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  1. To get diagnosed with the blood test or endoscopy, you would need to go back on gluten before being tested. The other alternative is genetic testing. Since celiac is a hereditary...
  2. Hi Noel, Your symptoms sound like you are still getting gluten. Also, as has been said, many people with celiac also have a lactose intolerance. Some individuals can take...
  3. Elaine, Many of the symptons that you have listed, including miscarriage, can be related to Celiac Disease. For your son, I would recommend Children's Hospital of Philadelphia...
  4. Hi Elaine, Our November meeting will be our "Thanksgiving" cover dish. You don't need to worry about bringing something as there is always plenty of food. Our members are...
  5. We meet in the Barry D. Brown Health Education Center at Virtua / West Jersey Hospital, Evesham Rd & Carne Blve, Voorhees, NJ. Meetings start at 2:00 p.m. Here is our...
  6. The Greater Phila Celiac Support Group meets the third Friday in October. For those with cars, the South Jersey Celiac Support Group meets the first Sunday of each month (except...
  7. There is a group that meets monthly (except July & August) at Virtua/West Jersey Hospital in Voorhees. We are the CSA Southern New Jersey Chapter #9. Here is our...
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