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  1. Thank you! My lab referral is good up until the end of August so I will go ahead and do a gluten challenge for at least 8 weeks. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello:) A couple days ago my doctor told me to have a gluten allergy blood test done. She told me that I don't need to do anything in advance and that I can go right away to have it done. I haven't done it yet. I read online that if you don't eat gluten everyday then you could get a false negative. I was on a gluten free diet 3 years ago for one year straight, then I started to slowly add gluten back into my diet. For the past two years I've been eating gluten a few times a week, some days more than others but I don't eat it everyday. Do I need to eat gluten everyday for 6 weeks before taking the blood test? Or could I eat it everyday for 2 weeks? Or should I just go ahead take the test ASAP? For the record, when I eat gluten I get very nauseous, thirsty, and I have been chronically anemic for years.