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  1. That all makes a lot of sense....THANK YOU! I didn't realize how helpful this forum could be! I feel like I've been struggling through this lost, clueless and unsupported so this feedback is great! Now all I need to do is find me a doctor in Connecticut who can help!
  2. Ah. Good point. Fairfield county, Connecticut.
  3. Thanks for your feedback.....it's really helpful. My IgA antibodies coming back negative in the last test, is a good thing right? Even though my other numbers were still too high. I'm looking for a GI or celiac doc in Fairfield county to help explain my test results and guide me through this journey...
  4. Can anyone provide feedback on my test results? I tested positive for celiac disease 2 years ago and went on a gluten free diet. At beginning of 2014, my numbers were: T-transglutaminase IgA 20.8, Gliadin IgG 42.7, Gliadin IgA 136, IgA antibodies Positive At end of 2015, my numbers...
  5. Hi, Looking for a doctor who specializes in celiac disease in lower Fairfield County. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago and have been on a gluten-free diet but I'm still testing positive for Celiac...... Tx!