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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Yes it definitely would take time! Even the breathlessness.. but it will be worth it! Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. it's when things seem worst that you must not quit- goes the poem. Good luck and more gluten-free power!
  2. I developed an itchy rash on my right abdomen. It has the hallmarks of DH meaning there was first an unbearable itch then it came. My question is I have been doing my best to go gluten free already and I wonder why this came? It happened yesterday Wednesday. Im planning to have it biopsied this coming Saturday. Will it still show positive even if a few days has elapsed? The itch is quite gone now. Thanks! Anyone had similar experience?
  3. Blood Testing

    Thank you nvs mom! Its just that I got mine and the result is 8.9. I did this after a year and 10 months of being gluten free. My range is 0-10. Is that a weak positive? I mean my result? Thanks
  4. There is a study of the relationship between celiac disease and proctitis. My question is how long before you see noticable improvements with Proctitis once you have gone Gluten Free? Anyone here been through that? It is just kind of frustrating sometimes. Thanks!
  5. Blood Testing

    the value of 9 for TTG IgG is that unit in U/mL?
  6. Yes sorry! The bottom one is. Ms Nora is it already high you think this value of 8.9 for ht TTG IgG? I mean what sort of values does it show on tests? above ten? above 20? Thank you for replying!
  7. Just hang in there! The healing will of course take some time... But if you stick hard enough it will be worth it
  8. I also will not forget the day when mine started to come out like clockwork CONGRATULATIONS! WE ARE HAPPY FOR YOU! ;)
  9. Can you please help me with interpreting this result. I have been gluten-free for 1 year and 10 months prior commencing a gluten challenge which lasted only 2 months and 10 days. My symptoms were so severe that I couldn't make it to complete the necessary three months. Here's my results. ht TTG IgG - 8.9U/mL pos >10 ht TTG IgG - 2.5U/mL pos >10 Serum IgA 144 Ref 57-317 I have almost all symptoms including teeth enamel loss and hair thinning aside from severe digestive pain and constipation. I also am diagnosed with PROCTITIS (they say there is a relation between proctitis and celiac). Anyone who can shed light please? Thanks! More power everyone!
  10. Hello once again good people! AS with my quest for a diagnosis, I asked my mother which has suffered so many rashes in her buttocks for a long time to be tested too. When the dermatologist saw the skin condition in the aforementioned body part, she was exclaiming that in appearance, symptoms (very itchy and needed to be scratched) and duration (lasting for more than 20 years now) it is highly probable Dermatitis Herpetoformis. The doctor took a sample for tests and will come back after 2 weeks. Because of that I had my mother tested for DGP screen too. She came with 7.5 UmL, 10 plus being positive. This is the Philippines by the way where we dont really eat a lot of breads and other gluten containing products as much as in the west (main carb source being rice). But I think that's pretty high already for Anti Deamidiated Gliadin Protein right? I mean its just shy of 2.5, this with an exposure to gluten that isn't too high. She rarely eats bread and her main gluten sources are only the occasional soy sauce she would eat with protein based dishes.Of course there are the occasional pasta dishes as well but not too often. ANd what if she tested positive for DH? Is that definitive or does she need to be exposed to more gluten before testing once again for Celiac DGP Screening before it may be called so? Will her diagnosis have a bearing in the doctor's consideration of my disease too??? I will have another blood test after ten weeks of exposure to gluten! I hope it would be enough! Thanks everyone! Any reply will be highly appreciated... God Bless you all!
  11. Ok I will do that! Yes indeed I really hope it comes to pass that I get my desired result! I want to make sure because these ulcers in the large intestine weren't there before! Sigh! I will return to Gluten Free and I really know that it will resolve symptoms! Im 100 percent sure of that! Sometimes its frustrating! Im doing this for my kids btw, me and their mom are separated but shes not allowing them to be tested Thats why I am doing this! So that I can use for a court order to test them... I dont want them to suffer what I have been through... if you understand what I mean
  12. Hi Ms Cycling Lady! My biopsy result came out now and thus far they said it was inconclusive! The problem is I dont know how many tissue samples they took for the biopsy! Sigh.. But they said there was ulcers found in my large intestine and they might be investigating Crohns or other IBD sickness.... But this wasnt seen before a long long time ago when I first had symptoms and had an endoscopy more than 10 years ago! I mean I was sick already then and had more colonoscopy and nothing was found only now... sigh... and before they werent considering celiac at all! is it possible to have both Crohns and Celiac? Thanks!
  13. THANKS very very much! Exactly my line of thinking good ma'am! Thanks... I really appreciate it!
  14. Thank you maam! I will! Thanks for replying to my query! It means so much!
  15. Thank You VERY VERY MUCH Ms cyclinglady! Yeah It is really a good information site this link you have sent me! THANKS nvsmom yes that is indeed my line of thinking as well! THANK YOU! I feel so overwhelmed there are people like you guys who take their time to listen and give this kind of advice and moral support! You cant imagine how good it feels specially when you've been feeling terrible like hellishly for a long time! Im glad there are people like you! I had my biopsy this morning! They also found some non specific colitis down there in my descending colon and took some sample for biopsy there as well! another question, its possible to have celiac and another digestive conditon as well right? I mean both at the same time right? Hope you dont think Im too stubborn! Im just thinking perhaps the colitis in rectum have somethng to do with celiac too. Anyway guys ill just rest a bit but I promise to be more active here in this forum later! I wish you all the best and pray for a positive result for me so I can finally accept that I am sane and didnt imagine all that MORE POWER EVERYONE!