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    Yup that's next on the list is to get us all tested. I have two other girls ages 7, and 4.
  2. I saw this in my Walmart today. All they have was maple and brown sugar. We are excited to try it though!
  3. We are new to all these products, and my daughter hated the Udi brand. But LOVES the Glutino, and I'm so relieved!
  4. New Here

    Well I'm back with an update! The biopsy came back with the result we already knew The doctor has up set up to see a nutritionist in a few weeks. I'm so happy cause then I may not feel so overwhelmed. Did any of you at first spend hours in a grocery store trying to figure out what is ok and what's not? I'm spending wayyyy more time than I care too ( and money too)! PS- What syrup is gluten free? ( she hates maple syrup)
  5. Blisters?

    My daughter has two blisters on the bottom of her leg. They look like they are filled with clear fluid, but she said they hurt more than itch. Could this still be the skin issue I've heard could go along with celiac disease?
  6. New Here

    Thanks so much for the replies! The doctor said many times that her levels were extremely high. During her biopsy she had redness and even was pale in some areas, also nodules. I almost feel like she's sing picked on,as she's had one thing after another sine she was born. The other two have been so healthy and never hardly had an ear infection.
  7. New Here

    Thanks! Any clue what the titer numbers mean? I googled but sometimes I don't get the lingo and get confused.
  8. New Here

    Hi everyone! My name is Becky and we are from Alabama. I just discovered this site, and I believe its a God send. I spend countless amounts of time just browsing about this new adventure in going gluten-free. I have a 10 year daughter that tested positive 2 months ago with high numbers according to the doctor. Her numbers were TTG IgA >100, Gliadin IGA 148.8, Gliadin IGG 112, IGA antibody- positive titer 1:160. She had a biopsy this past Monday and Dr. saw significant damage and we are still waiting biopsy results but pretty much know what it will say. I can't help but feel overwhelmed, sad, and confused. I figured this was a normal reaction. I hope to find friends here, as I've never been a part of a forum before but I feel so lost and alone in what to do. I just wanted to introduce myself, and say how excited I am to be here.
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