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  1. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Celiac Testing for My Kids

    Thank you for your reply! We’ll shop around and try to find a good discount. I hope that your daughter (and my son) is in the clear!
  2. Hi! I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2014 on the basis of a positive tTG-IgG test. My doctor ordered only tTG-IgA and tTG-IgG tests for me; I tested negative on the IgA test, but didn't have a total serum IgA test, so I don't know...
  3. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Continue With Testing, Or Stop?

    Cyclinglady, I like the idea of sending my test results in as proof that not everyone with celiac has an IgA response. This is a great first step to getting the correct testing for my parents. Supermaltese, thanks for responding about...
  4. I finally got my mom to go for celiac disease blood testing because of my own diagnosis. I gave her the following panel, and told her to be specific with her doctor, and request these tests: Tissue Transglutaminase IgA & IgG Endomysial...
  5. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Dh And Iodine Contrast

    Has anyone who experiences the DH rash had a CT scan with contrast? My doctor ordered one for me, and when I realized that the contrast is iodine based, I headed straight here to ask around. I was not properly diagnosed with DH rash after...
  6. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Advice For Family's Screening Tests

    cyclinglady, I appreciate your reply. I was beginning to doubt what I know because of their doctors' responses. Thank you for this link and education sheet. I think this will help a lot. I'll pass on the insurance heads-up to my family...
  7. I need some advice...I was diagnosed with celiac disease last year, and because it's hereditary, I've been pushing my parents and my brother to be screened as well. I know that having the genes for celiac does not automatically mean that...
  8. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Flour Canisters

    Thank you, Colleen!
  9. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Flour Canisters

    lpellegr, I haven't ventured into gluten free bread baking yet, but I recently bought some run-of-the mill stainless steel pans for gluten-free bread recipes. Haven't used them yet though...can you tell me how/why gluten-free bread pans...
  10. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Diagnosing Dh Rash

    Thanks, mitchgam and squirimingitch for your replies. There is such a steep learning curve with celiac and dh, Unfortunately, I can identify with the rebound effect. What I didn't say in my original post, because I thought that it was unrelated...
  11. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Diagnosing Dh Rash

    I have what may be a DH rash, but I began a gluten-free diet before my doctor recommended having a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. My doctor’s recommendation for a biopsy was based on, in her words, a ‘low-positive’ tTG IgG result (My I...
  12. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Correct Diagnosis?

    The tTG IgA and tTG IgG were the only celiac tests ordered. Since finding this forum, I see that there are several other tests that could or should have been ordered. I've been eating gluten free for over two weeks now, so any other blood...
  13. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Correct Diagnosis?

    Please forgive my ignorance in including the ANA result; it was on the same page of the lab report as the celiac tests, so I wondered if I should include it. Thanks to each of you for your comments. I think I may be a bit in denial about...
  14. ThisGalsGlutenFree

    Correct Diagnosis?

    Thanks to both of you for your replies! SMRI, my doctor did not order a total IgA. She ordered tTG IgA & IgG, ANA, CBC & platelets, and a comprehensive metabolic panel. I believe that the CBC was run because she suspected that my...
  15. I recently had a blood test because my doctor suspects that I have celiac disease. The results, in her words, suggest that I carry the antibody for celiac disease: The ANA screen is negative (no titer performed), the tTG-IgA is negative...