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  1. Hey, everyone! So, I went to the doctor's yesterday with my loving boyfriend and I got diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome *sigh* My karyotype tested positive much to my dismay...
  2.   *hugs* Yeah, it's unfortunate...but, thank you for your concern! :)    And, yeah, me too - I'll get there, though! It'll just be a little while. Haha. 
  3.   Yeah, but if these tests come out positive there is almost a 100% chance I'll never conceive naturally - it'll be a double whammy on my system *sigh* Thank you though, I...
  4. Last night - was the first time I have cried for that long in years. ---- I finally got to visit my now official endocrinologist yesterday morning and it has completely...
  5.   No, actually, the results showed negative with a verrrrrrry slightly possible weak positive for transglutaminase. But, my doctor is in the process of referring me to a g...
  6. Hey, everyone! So, thanks to the amazing people of this site I took their advice and convinced my doctor to order my Celiac Blood Panel and she did. She was so sweet and tested...
  7. Reading all of these descriptions, I realize I'm going through "brain fog" right now! In the past, I always felt like I was in some sort of weird dream. But, now along with still...
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