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  1. Hey, everyone! So, I went to the doctor's yesterday with my loving boyfriend and I got diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome *sigh* My karyotype tested positive much to my dismay And, also, I tested positive for osteopenia from my dexa scan as well. So, I have to get my bones back into shape...
  2.   *hugs* Yeah, it's unfortunate...but, thank you for your concern! :)    And, yeah, me too - I'll get there, though! It'll just be a little while. Haha. 
  3.   Yeah, but if these tests come out positive there is almost a 100% chance I'll never conceive naturally - it'll be a double whammy on my system *sigh* Thank you though, I am really trying to not dwell on it and it's working :)    There is always adoption - but, I just don't know...
  4. Last night - was the first time I have cried for that long in years. ---- I finally got to visit my now official endocrinologist yesterday morning and it has completely left me shaking to my core. I don't want to bore everyone with tiny details so I'm just going to talk about the most important...
  5.   No, actually, the results showed negative with a verrrrrrry slightly possible weak positive for transglutaminase. But, my doctor is in the process of referring me to a g.i doctor anyways (thank goodness!). I'm also possibly IgA deficient because of my thyroid so I'm going into an endocrinologist...
  6. Hey, everyone! So, thanks to the amazing people of this site I took their advice and convinced my doctor to order my Celiac Blood Panel and she did. She was so sweet and tested me for H. Pylori before we even discussed Celiac (which - I knew it wasn't it because I was on antibiotics last month...
  7. Reading all of these descriptions, I realize I'm going through "brain fog" right now! In the past, I always felt like I was in some sort of weird dream. But, now along with still having that sensation but very rarely, it's mostly: difficulty recalling words, forgetting things mid-sentence (especially...