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  1. Hello: you need basic blood work panels to check your liver and kidney functions and white and red blood counts and they...
  2. indianaharlegirl

    New And Saying "hi"

    Hi I just entered this world about a month ago. You can read my first few posts. I am not diagnosed and waiting for my...
  3. Squirmingitch: I'm back on gluten bc ur right that's the only way i will get dx. Derm very condescending and saidits...
  4. Hello everyone I dx myself as celiac 5 days ago and I just had my first glutenig by either Wendy's chili and/or frosty...
  5. indianaharlegirl

    Need Dh Help

    Thank you all so much. Before I read these I was sobbing just bc well you all know it is one more thing to have to deal...
  6. indianaharlegirl

    Need Dh Help

    I am 49 female and I think I am about to lose my mind. Have had GI symptoms for several months, nausea and stomach pain...