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  1. Did you get any kind of food allergy tests to see if it's something else that's causing it? If all your celiac tests came out negative, I'd start looking at other possibilities because I wouldn't want to miss the true cause.
  2. I did have some episodes with difficulty breathing that didn't go away with albuterol, hmm... I will check with my pcp.
  3. I tried looking around for some answers but it doesn't seem like there's much on this question. When I got my blood work done, I also got allergy testing done and my Ige for Wheat came out very positive. Is it possible to be both celiac and allergic to wheat? Is this unusual?
  4. I know how you totally feel. It really sucks. The thing is that two weeks is nothing compared to the relief you will feel knowing whether it definitely is or is not the disease. If you go in without having sign of damage and you are celiac, then you might waste time and money because you've...
  5. Thanks you two! Finally diagnosed. I wanted to join this forum since I've been lurking for a while and thsee forums have been really helpful in figuring things out.
  6. It could just be that you're under a lot of stress or it might be something else. Have you had any food allergy tests? Could be something else pesky.
  7. After so many years, lots of symptoms, plenty of unrelated tests, it looks like it's finally over. This year an MD for my new job physical suggested more follow up for some stomach issues. Food allergy screen led to a positive celiac screen to a just completed endoscopy showing "diffuse mucosal...
  8. I think it's easier to do the challenge if you haven't been gluten-free that long. Just did it myself and it's nice to have some kind of closure on yes or no, especially when it comes to future kids.