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  1. What kind of a doctor can i go to at best? I live in India especially in an area where doctors are not aware of all the symptoms and the potential effects of gluten. I had a difficult time over the past three years with this illness and honestly i feel like i am lost in it now - with the brain fog...
  2. I did get my cortisol tested. It came up within normal limits though the value was on the border of low.
  3. I got my IgA checked as well along with the TTG. It was normal. I am pushing my family to get my sister tested. I hope to know better answers from her. I guess 2 months off gluten is too short for my symptoms to go away especially when i got glutened by small amounts between that period. Thanks...
  4. Hi, I recently was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant. I didn't go through with the biopsy to confirm as having Celiac Disease and the ttg-IgA test came up negative as well. Due to having classic neurological and digestive issues associated to gluten and being suggested by a doctor, I decided to...