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  1. thank you. it's so tiring to always have to ask my Dr to do what he should already be doing.
  2. What type of Dr is helping you with this? I'm not getting any help, even with a gastroenterologist.
  3. Glutenfree&more had a wonderful article about flours and substitutions. It was last month but I'm sure you can find it on their website.
  4. I have been gluten-free for 3 years now, with the exception of cross contamination here and there. Would my biopsies reveal anything at this point?
  5. It really helped. I honestly had no idea. Thank you, thank you.
  6. I'm just trying to understand my test results. This has been a long road. Thank you for your input.
  7. I have had those same symptoms over and over throughout the years. You definitely have to have gluten in your system when taking the blood test. They're looking for an immune response. It's my understanding that you can have false negatives and still have symptoms of Celiac. Gluten Sensitivity can...
  8. I would recommend a saliva or stool test from glutenpro, as discussed earlier, that you can do at home for your daughter. My journey to diagnosis was my own because no docs understood or really cared to help me get to the real issue. Anemia and other deficiencies are definite symptoms. My guess...
  9. The genet ic test I did only listed Anti-gliaden IgA. Mine was 11. Normal is less than 10. Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA is 6. normal is less than 10. I have HLA-DQB1*301 & HLA-DQB1*304. (Subtype 7,-) From what I understand, I have 2 copies of the gene for celiac, meaning I'm predisposed...