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    SCUBA, hunting, sewing, crochet, cooking, eating ;)
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I was originally diagnosed with Celiac at 17. I was "undiagnosed" at 21 and then re-diagnosed at 37.

I am a SAHM of three non-celiacs and have 5 dogs. I am a major foodie and that has made this diagnosis quite difficult.

  1. I was diagnosed at 17, so all of my dating was gluten-free when there were no "gluten free" options. When I met my husband, going to dinner was a bit of a challenge as I knew of only two restaurants that I could successfully eat at without getting sick. We are very outdoorsy and most of our dates...
  2. I have never been able to eat soybeans to tofu, but have no problem with things that contain soy. I went years with no gluten reactions and they have come back 100 fold. It is fairly easy to avoid soy so if you have any doubt, just drop it from your diet.
  3. I am sure that am sure that I have missed your deadline for the cake. It really depends on the alcohol used. Technically I believe all alcohol is classified as under 20ppm so they can all claim they are gluten free. I make my own, but that's a long process. If I have to buy, I dont purchase unless...
  4. Were you gluten free when they did the blood work? If so, that can give a false negative.
  5. I want to say that is the one I have been using. Rondo I Fusilli pasta(sp?). We are selling our home and I plan on making our new kitchen completely gluten-free. My fam can go out to eat gluten!! I am ready to be steady with my symptoms. Preferably none, but...
  6. I am the pasta nerd. I cannot stand any of the commercial long pastas. I have not purchased my new dedicated pasta machine, so I cannot make it myself. Before my re diagnosis, I was making all of our pasta.
  7. Two of the three have been tested with "negative" results, although I was just about laughed at for demanding they be tested. Third one is scheduled for an appointment and will have blood work. Mother I am almost positive has it but refuses to have the blood work. :/ She is also type 2 diabetic...
  8. I can't remember the brand. I make sure to use only "dedicated gluten-free facility" products.
  9. Hello! I was diagnosed originally when I was 17. Not many choices or options available "way back" then. 4 years later, thanks to insurance changes, I had to switch GIs. New doc told me I did not have celiac disease. 16 years of eating gluten and I now can add neuromuscular symptoms. Rediagnosed last...