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  1. I did Ideal Protein 2 years ago and (surprise!) got pregnant with my second child. Now that he's weaned, I want to do it again. They have Gluten Free options and I have ~ 50 lbs to lose. The weight has started coming back on after my diagnosis a few months ago, so I need to do something to get it...
  2. I don't know, so I'm following! We have similar machines and it been dying to know what other celiacs do about these!
  3. When oh when will we poor celiacs catch a break! Since posting I've eliminated all the processed stuff, and so far so good. I loooove to eat, so it's killing me. Of course I'm also trying to drop some more of this hideous baby weight....but it appears to not want to leave. Even without the processed...
  4. This makes complete sense. However, my doctor didn't say anything besides "no more gluten" I have 2 really small kids (2yrs and 9 months) so I am having a hard time making time to cook every meal What do I eat?! I get the whole 'unprocessed and whole' bit, but what about dairy? What about...
  5. Thanks! I'm working to figure out how trustworthy the statement of "gluten free" is on packaging when it's just added there by the manufacturer. I guess I'll add some companies to my speed dial!
  6. How accurate is the 'gluten free' labelling on say a bag of cheetos? It says it right at the bottom below the ingredients. Just 'gluten free' no graphic with it. no warnings about being made in a facility that also processes wheat. Safe to eat or no?
  7. Howdy all, I've been gluten free since my biopsy about 2 weeks ago. The headache is subsiding to almost gone! So progress! However, whenever I eat gluten free baked goods (like my husbands birthday cake or my beloved gratify pretzels) I get horribly sick. Intense stomach pains and diarrhea....
  8. Hey all, I've been diagnosed with presumptive Celiac disease (all positive blood tests, no biopsy yet. See the Gastro next week). I am nursing my 8 month old. I nursed my first for 19 months, and I planned to let this one self-wean too. My question is this: Is breastfeeding reasonable while transitioning...
  9. This is very helpful! Thank you! I feel more informed for my upcoming appointment with the gastroenterologist. And also more prepared for asking the pediatrician for testing. Thank you so much!
  10. Thank you all for the responses and the info! I have two little boys that I am going to push to be tested and I'm also going to let my parents and brothers know to look out for it as well. So it sounds like based on have all positive blood tests, I need to accept the diagnosis and move on to a Gluten...
  11. My endocrinologist (I'm a type 1 diabetic) recently ran celiac tests on me, which came back 'positive for celiac'. What I'm curious about is if there is a range to how 'positive' one can be and with my values if there is a chance the biopsy (yet to be scheduled) will come back negative. I'm still...