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  1. Hi all, I’ve got the results of blood test as follows: Anti gliadin IgA <2 AGA IgG 41 ttg IgA <2 ttg IgG <0.1 Does it mean something? I have some symptoms of celiac, undiagnosed iron deficiency (anemia) for 10 years, some minor gastrointestinal problems, ...
  2. Hi again, I went to a doctor and he started examination. First he made some blood tests. He said that I may have celiac or a bone marrow problem. I've checked my blood tests in the last 4 years. B12 is always on the upper edge, between 450-600. Calcium, Chlor, Potassium, Phosphor, Magnesium...
  3. Thank you. Actually I'm like this for 5 years and this is the first time a doctor talked about celiac disease. I hope they'll find the reason of my anemia. If it is celiac be sure I'll come more often:)
  4. Hi everybody, I have iron deficiency for at least 5 years and in the last year it got worse. Now I have serious anemia, very low ferritin count. I have tried a lot of treatments, now it is certain that I have a disease. It is not about malnutrition. My doctor wants me to get tested for celiac disease...