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  1. Hey folks. I went to the chiropractor today. I had numbness in the back of my neck/head/left side of face/numbing tingling in pink/index fingers on both hands. He asked me.. "Do you have a cold?" I said, "No..not at all." "Your lymph nodes are really swollen." He had a lost look on his face. But...
  2. Thanks for your input everyone. Beachbum-I'm beginning to think it could a thoracic outlet problem similar to what you have. I read people with thoracic outlet isses can experience floaters as well. Did you? My chiro juat blows me off when I mention it. But I still have weakness in my right arm....
  3. Ender...did you have the stiffness in the neck as well? How long did it take for you nerves to heal?
  4. Hello everyone. Since March I've been experiencing a number of Muscleskelatle issues. I began having chronic burning in my right shoulder. I thought it was due to weight lifting and a desk job. Eventually my right arm started numbing and tingling. My doctor ordered physical therapy. It helped a little...